Where is the list!

As a Catholic, I have always been told that Protostants Differ significantly in their theologies, thus proving Catholic teachings to be true due to their consistency.

But nobody has given a reference of an example of these differences. I believe it to be true but I can’t help but feel like this is similar to the phrase “most New Testament scholars believe in the the historical Jesus” often given by apolegist who never cites or names specific scholars.

After googling for several hours I give up and need Catholic Answers forum assistance.

Can any of you provide protestant churches, writings or websites the show how one Baptist Church teaches something different than the other Baptist Church a mile away. (Doesn’t have to be Baptist)

I’m not looking for reasons why sola scriptura is inconsistent. I’m looking for one protestant website or writing that lists I believe statements that clearly conflict with other protestant sources that contain we believe or I believe statements.

Please no blogs or wiki citations. Heck, even a local parishes website compared to another parishes website would be something!

Searching on Google for “theological differences between protestant denominations”, I found the following chart on differences in Christian theologies.

I’m sure there are many more such resources available out there… :wink:

Hope this helps!


Wow. Fail on my part. Thank you!

See if this doesn’t help.

Use the Patheos Side-by-Side Lens to create an easy-to-read comparison chart for differing religious traditions. Choose up to three traditions from the scrollable lists to the right and then click Go! http://www.patheos.com/Library/

One could spend a lifetime tracking these differences and not even be able to keep up with the changes. I fail to see how it would help us become holy.


when looking at the Baptist, they differ from one another. Sometimes the differences are small (i.e. a slight different interperation of Scripture), or very different (i.e. the role of women, how they view divorse, birth control, etc).

Perhaps, if we understood your goal we can provide better answers to you?

God Bless

A lot of it has to do with an individual church/pastor, not the statement of faith.

When I was a Protestant and church-shopping, I’d look for the “P-Flag” (Gay Pride flag) and other symbols/signs that would point towards a Politically Liberal point of view. (Which tends to coincide with a Liberal Theological view.)

You can’t necessarily get what you are looking for off a website because they’ll use the same words to describe their churches, but interpret them very differently.

Even w/in denominations, you have different points of view regarding major issues. For instance, the American Baptists tend to be more Liberal than the Southern Baptists, but they all fall w/in the label “Baptist”.

That’s why I don’t think there’s a list and that any list that someone comes up with would be very general and incomplete.

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