Where is the Vulgate Bible?

I am wondering where the earliest known existing bible after the Councils of HIppo and Carthage is located? I see on the internet all kinds of old protestant bibles and bibles supposably before the offical Canon was put together. I realize there may be many of them that have patially disintegrated and some that are newer. But, is there a complete Vulgate bible from after the Councils in 393 and 397 AD somewhere still in existence, and where is it?

Even if the bible is not available for public viewing, I would love to be able to site this existing bible to my protestant friends. Ie., this ____ bible is in this ______ place, was produced by these ______ monks, during these ______ years and is now in this ______ Church/place as a way to show/prove the 72 books have been in use by the Catholic Church in it’s current form from this __ year. These 72 books of the Canon have been in use for hundreds of years prior to Luther taking out 7 books (6 and portions of others) out of the Canon and therefore removing portions of Jesus’ teachings for so many Christians.
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The oldest Latin Book of Gospels is called the Codex Vercellensis Evangeliorum, it dates to the 4th century and is kept in the cathedral library of Vercelli, in the Piedmont Region, Italy.

The oldest surviving collection from St. Jerome’s Vulgate translation is called Codex Sangallensis 1395. It dates from the 5th century and contains the Gospels. It is currently kept at the Abbey library of Saint Gall in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Digital images of it can be seen here.

The oldest Latin version of the New Testament is called the Codex Fuldensis, it dates to the 6th century.

The oldest complete version of St. Jerome’s Vulgate translation is the Codex Amiatinus. It is missing the book of Baruch but otherwise is the oldest most complete version. It dates to the 8th century. It is currently kept at the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana in Florence, Italy.

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