Where is this latest craze come from? bottom line, ask a Catholic for the truth

I see a lot of ‘ask’ trends on the forum, well im starting mine… ask a Catholic since its a Catholic forum! we can offer you the truth after all :slight_smile:

A little inter-faith dialogue never hurt anyone! :wink:

I know of two other Ask A Catholic threads.

Ask an Eastern Catholic
Ask a Cradle Catholic

I want to know why you love dolphins.

Unless its the kind Christians are currently experiencing in Egypt. :(. Pray for peace.


I’m just waiting for the thread on “Ask A Narcissist.”

On second thought, don’t ask a narcissist.

The irony is many of the non-Catholics here probably feel like they can offer you the truth :grouphug: but proselytizing is against the rules, so…

In making the ‘ask’ threads, it’s not about evangelism, just education. Few people might know about Hinduism/Sikhism/LDS/Islam/whatever, and so these types of threads are a chance to ask questions, learn and discuss. No evangelism needs to happen.

Yes, I know. Just pointing out that everyone in this section probably feels like they can offer everybody else the truth :wink: It was in response to this statement:

Exactly. My favorite religious discussions are actually with a Lutheran friend of mine. I’d never convert to Lutheranism, but it’s interesting to compare and contrast our two versions of Christianity.

Same here. I recently spent some time discussing Sikhism and Judaism with Jewish friends of mine and whilst I doubt I could ever be Jewish, we got a lot of useful information and discussion out of it and learned a lot about what we both believed and why.

I know! I know! How about we do an “ask a schizophrenic” forum? We can answer everything! No we can’t! Shuddup, I’m talking! :smiley:

Just no one try to take our ring. gollum

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