Where is your favorite place to retreat to during the summer?


Now that summer is almost up for us, I’m dreaming about AirBnB’s to reserve for next summer. :slight_smile: In what city would you spend 2 weeks to kick back? Someone mentioned a Lake House in Lake Michigan to me. Then I was looking at beach houses in Puerto Vallarta. Maybe I’ll win the lottery.


I’ll take the Lake house in Lake Michigan thanks daisy :sunglasses:


I would stay away from Mexico.


Well, if I’m dreaming, I’d head to Alaska or Prince Edward Island. Washington, DC, or New England would be cool – I love American history.

But honestly, during the summer we mostly retreat to the basement because it’s the coolest part of the house and it’s free… :sweat_smile:


Me too—I want to see all the Anne of Green Gables stuff.

But I love the mountains, preferably with thick forest. Down the shore is a close second.


I dunno Daisy…I am planning on taking a trip as soon as the house settles up and am wondering the same thing…I like the beach but not the humidity there and have been thinking about someplace west…

I have found one cool place but it very close so I want to save that one for a quick getaway…I have been to Shawnee MANY times and never heard of this place till recently…

A vacation Hobbit hole in the wilds of Shawnee National Forest!! :blush::blush:

Middle Earth in Southern Illinois



Indeed. :slight_smile: For me, the idea of packing up the family and going somewhere else is not my idea of a relaxing time. My idea for relaxing is staying home and doing as little as possible. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Key West, FL


Oh! Very nice :smiley:


We’ve got a little A-frame pop up trailer that we like to tow up to Oregon each year. It’s just like camping except your able to get out of the wind/rain/dirt if you need to.Oregon has great state parks. This year we settled into one on the coast for a week. I’d like to do that again next summer for even longer if possible. We’re also toying around with visiting my mom in Montana, and camping up there next summer. We’ll see, we’ve also got a little niece and nephew who are our main attractions in Oregon.


That’s a long drive up to Oregon, tad. Do you guys go up the coast when you make it? Oregon is extremely beautiful. :thinking:


We generally head up through Nevada and the ‘Big Empty’. It is a long way up there, but we’ve found the shortest, flattest route and enjoy the drive. We’ve been up and down the Oregon coast a number of times. It’s slow going, and once you get down to California good, non-windy roads are hard to come by. We’ve found the trick to the RV lifestyle is to find a place you like, stay put, and take day trips from there.


Honestly summer isn’t my favorite travel season. If I go anywhere it would have to be the cooler time of Autumn. I’d go to the mountains.


June is the hottest, driest month in southern Arizona so we find it’s a good time to get out of town. It’s later in the summer when it’s hot every where that we’ve discovered it’s not the best time to travel. Ironically, July and August can be some of the most spectacular months with the monsoon rains and cooler weather.

My community is next to what we call a ‘Sky Island’. In one hour you can climb 6000’ feet and be in the cool, forests of the Canadian life-zone. That also makes for a cool retreat in the summer. Great bird watching as well.


Yes, The Catalina’s are great that way. We actually headed up to Payson to stay in an uncle’s cabin over the weekend. 6000 ft there as well. And an incredibly scenic drive!

I forget you have the camper, which probably makes that long, empty drive up to Oregon a bit more tolerable. It’s a pop-up? I’m looking forward to a road trip to Santa Fe with a friend, tomorrow! :grinning:


Hannagan’s Meadows is really nice if you can get to it. It’s the highest campground in AZ. It’s a 6 1/2 hour drive for us, but you can still find a spot there on three day, holiday weekends. We used to go x- country skiing there when we were younger.

The drive to Oregon, while long, isn’t that bad. Our tow vehicle is a smooth ride and we’ll get an audio book to listen to along the way. The last time we listened to a book about the Oregon Trail. Also, Nevada, though terribly bleak has a certain beauty to it, especially in the early morning and late evening hours.

My wife and I are planning one of our epic hikes on Mt Lemmon tomorrow. Usually we can set a blistering pace of 2 miles in about 6 hours. :grinning:


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