Where is your location?


Is there anyone in here who lives in NY? I live in Ancram, it’s south of Hudson NY, about a half hour, all country.

Where are you all from? I’ve oftened wondered if any of the Churches I walk into that some of you may be around hehe.



I’m less than an hour west of Green Bay Wisconsin, in a small town called Clintonville. I put “The Frozen Tundra” on my thing up there for the football fans who would recognize it as Lambeau Field (Hallowed Ground, as they say)


Peace to you



Hey John, lol. Well at least you answered me :slight_smile:


St. Philomena Church, Carson, California:coffeeread:


Hello from North of Sweden , I’m just across the ocean :wink: , but virtually here . Best thoughts and wishes for a very blessed day , AnneMary


Nope, I’m far away=(. Arizona, no less, in Phoenix, which I loathe. I envy you and your cold weather!


In Acadiana, of course! Southwest Louisiana to be more specific. Home of boiled crawfish, gumbo, and Cajun joie de vivre.


Live in Buffalo NY, had relatives in northern WI, am a native ‘cheesehead’ and an IL co-worker way back bought me a cheesehead (probably one of the only if not the only cheesehead owner in these parts). :slight_smile:


Buffalo, NY of course!:smiley:


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