Where may Eucharistic Adoration take place?

I’ve only ever seen exposition of the Eucharist in churches and chapels, but today I was looking at the website of a parish that said they have Eucharistic adoration in a room in the religious education building. Is that licit?

It has to be done in a church or chapel (that is, an actual dedicated chapel, not just a room that people call “a chapel”)–I say this because the liturgical documents clearly presume that Adoration is being done “at” the tabernacle or at least within a church (or oratory, or chapel) However, the bishop can give permission for it to be done in any dignified place.

According to canon law, the bishop alone can give permission for a tabernacle. When a church is dedicated as a parish church, this is a given (since that’s part and parcel of designating it as a church). Anything other than a parish church requires his permission.

We don’t know whether or not the bishop gave his permission for what you’re describing, so whether or not it’s licit is likewise an unknown. Even without his permission, it might possibly be licit.

Parishes can certainly hold Eucharistic processions, even those that are outdoors, so there’s no rule that the Blessed Sacrament “must” remain within the walls of the church.

If the priest is taking the Blessed Sacrament from the tabernacle in the church and placing It for veneration in a dignified place in the RE building, I don’t think there’s anything specifically prohibiting such a thing, but common sense tells us that it shouldn’t be done in any place not befitting the dignity of the Body of Christ. The simple description “a room in the RE building” might be anything from a prayer-room that’s used for no other purpose, to something that looks like a large broom closet.

That’s a long way of saying that I personally don’t think this is really a question of “is it licit?” as much as “is it proper?” And I think that really depends upon just what type of room is being used (is it dignified enough???)

EUCHARISTIAE SACRAMENTUM in #12 says the following:
c. There should be an opportunity for common prayers and extended adoration in the presence of the blessed sacrament exposed at designated churches that are especially suited to this form of piety. ewtn.com/library/CURIA/CDWSACRA.htm

That’s in reference to Eucharistic Congresses, which isn’t exactly what you’re asking about, but it does make the point that the proper place for Adoration is indeed a church.

I attended Adoration in a schoolroom, hotelroom and a conventioncenter room all within the last year.
All were sponsored by the archdiocese. Adoration is not only reserved for a church, chapel, oratory, or a private chapel.

Ok, thank you both for your answers.

This leaves me wondering, if a parish has Adoration one day a week (as this one does), is there some reason why they cannot have it in the actual church? I have been to this church, by the way, once while visiting family, and it is a relatively small sized church and it seems as if it would perfectly fine to have Adoration in there. I’m sure the parish has taken care to make their room in the RE building a decent space, but why not just do these things in the church itself if Adoration is going to be a regular occurrence? Just wondering.

if the bishop has given them permission to use that room, and it is dedicated to that purpose, yes. No the Blessed Sacrament may not be reserved, much less exposed for Adoration, in a room that is being used for another purpose, for instance, a classroom while class is going on. Perhaps they have permission, if there is no other suitable space (why they are not in church I can’t imagine) to have Adoration in a large classroom or gathering area, but the tabernacle cannot remain there unless the space has been dedicated and reserved for that use. Maybe there is ongoing construction or another reason for the use of this space, as at a neighboring parish.

Adoration does not require a tabernacle. The priest can bring a consecrated host. Expose the host in a monstrance, and after Adoration the host can be consumed.
Adoration does not always take place in a church.

These are question best asked of the pastor of the church in question. We can only speculate on charitable or non-charitable reasons. If you’ve been there, you can send an email or call saying you visited on such and such date and in looking over the website recently you noticed this information about Adoration and were curious. You will probably get a perfectly acceptable answer. If they say something crazy like, “Oh we like the RE kids to have Jesus nearby when they are taking tests in that room,” then you know you have grounds to call the Bishop of that diocese. If they say something like, “The church only holds 100, but we have 200 people from all over the area come to Wednesday night Adoration so we hold it in the parish hall,” then you know to send up some prayers of gratitude.


well OP did not give enough info as to whether this happens occassionally and the Sacrament is brought into the area, or if there has been a tabernacle placed there with the intent to make it a chapel, or what exactly the situation is, so I think as with others we tried to cover all the possibilities. If OP gives more details the answers can be more relevant

We have more than enough info to answer that particular question. Adoration outside of church is licit. It can be done in religous education building!

Hi, what about Adoration during special occasions, like retreats, that dont’ take place in churches?


Sorry! I think I did mention though in my second post - it is every week.

They also have a rosary group that meets in that room. I suppose one can have a rosary group anywhere, but I still wonder why not in the church. :shrug: I guess as Mrs. Sally said, one would have to ask them.

do you mean reservation of the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle in a location where it is accessible to the faithful, or do you mean exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for perpetual or time limited adoration. No that question was not answered because OP did not give enough information. Yes the Blessed Sacrament may be exposed and taken anywhere such as in procession, to a large gathering like a retreat, for adoration. No the Blessed Sacrament may not be habitually, continually, reserved in the tabernacle or exposed for adoration in a location that is simultaneously being used for another purpose not connected with liturgy and worship. The Eucharistic “chapel” cannot double as classroom or gym or cafeteria, but yes a room within another building could be consecrated and used exclusively as the reservation and adoration chapel.

Adoration is not limited to prayer before the exposed Blessed Sacrament. Prayers before the tabernacle, when there is no one deputed to open it, are also adoration.

I would rather say “it might be licit” instead of “is licit.” There’s no outright prohibition against this, but the lack of a prohibition does not necessarily mean that something conforms to liturgical norms. We don’t know what kind of room is being used. It might be a prayer room which looks just like a church in miniature, or it might be some kind of storage room (though, probably not anything like that), or anything in between. There is a lot we don’t know about this situation, and that’s why we can’t just say that it “is licit” and leave it at that.

I see where you are confused. I wrote Adoration instead of Eucharistic Adoration as is stated in the posting. You are mistaken in the belief that “Eucharistic Adoration” can only take place in a "chapel. I attended Eucharistic Adoration at the Knickerbocker Hotel in a large room with the USCCB last year, I attended the same at a high school classroom last year, I attended the same at the Mens Conference for the Archdiocese in a meeting room. All these were under the guidelines of the Auxilary Bishop for our archdiocese.

While Adoration before the tabernacle is also Adoration we call Eucharistic Adoration when our Lord is present in a monstrance. Hopefully you will understand these sites of Eucharistic Adoration .

I would think ,with the available information we have, that this was can licit! The question posted stated a religious education building. That is perfectly acceptable. Why anyone would question the location in the religious building and not surmise that it was done properly is puzzling to me . Give our much maligned priests the benefit of the doubt in a case of this nature. See my prior posting as to the locations that I personally was involved in Eucharistic Adoration just in the past year.
The promotion of Eucharistic Adoration is the goal.

Since you don’t know anything about the location other than it being an RE building, you’re not in a position to make such an absolute statement “it is licit.”

and that is not what I said.

OP should assume that unless and until proven otherwise, the circumstances at her school are right and proper and approved by the bishop.

I stand by my post. You are incorrect in your assumptions.

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