Where May I Find Mormon Apologetic Materials??

As a Catholic, one of the things that I thoroughly hate is when people come up to me with misconceptions about the Faith. As such, I would never want to possess or spread false understandings about the tenets of other religions. On this board, there are many posts concerning Mormonism. However, it seems to me that mostly non-Mormons post in them. I was hoping that I could learn about Mormonism from Mormons, so I could have a better understanding of what they believe, not what Poster Bob says they believe.

So… to make a long story short, where can I find this?

As someone who was raised in the LDS church I can tell you that most people (including many “Mormans”) have misconceptions about the faith. You can get answers straight from the source at their official web-site.

I will be happy to answer any questions that I can. If it is something that I do not know I will try to direct you to a reliable source. I do not debate anyone trying to bring me back into the LDS faith. I am a very happily converted Catholic.

the mormon church isn’t really into apologetics. you can go to their website and see their statements on various subjects. FAIR and FARMS claim to post apologetics but if you go there you will quickly see that it is a lot of unofficial speculation and “what if”.

individual mormons post on an umber of boards including this one but are mostly engaging in unofficial speculation once again.

the closest I have seen is jeff lindsay’s website. you might try there.

as an aside, many of the non-LDS here are former LDS and are pretty knowledgeable about LDS beliefs and practices. still, if you insist on going only to active mormon sites then you should include www.lds.org, www.fairlds.org, farms.byu.edu and www.jefflindsay.com in your search.

I would suggest looking at this. It is the Sunday School manual for new members:


I especially recommend this chapter:


How can Mormons (like Zerinus) come here and deny that the LDS Church teaches that they can become gods, have spirit children, rule over their own planet and be worshipped, when it says so in their own Sunday School manual?
It boggles the mind,

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