Where might one find a head-covering?

I am planning on attending my first Mass of Bl. John XXIII this Wednesday evening at Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin, NJ (I live in Princeton) and my wife has an interest in attending as well. However, she does not own a head-covering, and the parish strongly recommends it.

Does anyone from the area know where one would be able to buy one? Would a Catholic book and gift store be likely to carry them? Could she simply get a lace cloth from somewhere like A. C. Moore or some other fabric store?

Check your local Catholic bookstore. Since time is so short, you won’t have time to get one on eBay, but for future reference or anyone else who might be looking, you can put “mantilla” or “chapel veil” in the search box and you’ll find several available. You can also do a google search and come up with other online stores which sell them. A head-covering doesn’t have to be a “real” mantilla, either – my favorite one is a lacy oblong scarf which I bought at the local K-Mart for $7. Any scarf which is long enough to wrap around the head will be fine.

Any hat shop or millinery will do. It does not have to be a veil. It does not have to be made of lace. I bet she has a slew of scarves.

They might have some in the back of church to lend out.

(And legally speaking, if she doesn’t want to wear it, that part of canon law has been abrogated.)

Just a side note. Catholic Answers once had a priest as a guest and was asked about the tradition and rules of this garment. The priest stated the church no longer makes requirement of such garment and obligation to is no longer necessary. The legality of it was just removed from the canon, but never ruled it abrogated.

His response basically was he didn’t know why woman feel as though they should wear them.

The Mantilla should be at your local Catholic store, we own 3 and carry them, if they don’t she probably could do something with lace material. God bless.

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I also thought the OP might check out Wal-Mart. They had some really pretty oblong scarves for Fall, really big!

A woman in our parish wears these really beautiful headcoverings and my wife asked her about them. She got them at:


Thanks for your words of wisdom, Sherlock.

…the church may well have some at the door…not ideal but useful…and yes a scarf or a hat …at a pinch I have seen a lady with a hanky (clean of course)…you would not be debarred from attending without one…you just advertise that you are new to the church is all.

Simple. You go down to the shopping mall and browse the millenary departments of the lady’s clothing stores. Purchase a simple, stylish hat that goes with the dress she will be wearing.

Job done.


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