Where online can i watch the Pope's visit this Sunday

i don’t see it on ewtn schedule.

The pope’s visit? Could you explain more?

He is scheduled to go to Lebanon this September and he will visit a world-famous opera house in June, but I am not aware of a trip this weekend. What am I missing?

on the Vatican website for 5/13/12 it says under travels, pastoral visit to Arezzo, La Verna and Sansepolcro

Oh, okay! :slight_smile:

Vatican Television will provide live online streaming of at least parts of the visit.


Here is the link to the Vatican Television Center.


It is a bit underwhelming, but does provide links for two means of streaming. However, its good to keep in mind that the live broadcast will take place during the daytime in Italy. So if you live outside Europe, watching it may require getting up early. :o

I’m not sure that the visit is considered significant enough for EWTN to carry any of it.

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