Where Should I Move?

Charlotte is far from Conservative. Stay away from any larger cities in NC. None of them are Conservative.

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I have looked a long time for a place similar to what you have asked about, with a few differences. To tell you the truth, the only places I have found are in history. I cant find a place that fits what I am looking for. It doesn’t seem to exist any longer.


I’m really genuinely curious. I know it’s not the point of the thread, but how are you so geographically flexible? Do you have a job that’s 100% telework or something?

COVID per capita infection rates may be an effective proxy for friendliness, i.e. concern for others. This is because the virus transmission can be lessened by simple acts of concern for others, like masks and social distancing. The map i linked to shows per capita infection rates, which corrects for the variable of community size (e.g. less virus in small towns).

Note that there is a delay to load the map due to the massive numbers.

Sorry but your interpretation of the data is not very scientific.
According to what you are saying (cases per population= higher friendliness of prople) Yemen, Syria, Fiji, even China should be among the ‘friendliest’ places on earth since their cases/MIL people are low.


You certainly know that there are other variables at play (availability of testing, access to care, average age of population, density of population, government policies in place, time of onset of the first casesetc) and that you can hardly agree (or measure) the meaning of friendliness in this set of data.

Nobody said that it was. I said it was a suggestion, not a scientific model.

We are talking about America here, not other countries where these items vary significantly. I don’t think the OP is considering moving out of the USA.

Well, anywhere I’ve ever lived is out

My county seat has the lowest crime of any municipality in South Carolina. Mostly property crime.

Within 25 miles, there is both an Eastern Catholic Church (Melkite) and church that BEAUTIFULLY uses the Novus Ordo. If I could go there more, I would.

We voted for Trump, even our most populous county (but not our most populous city)

Yeah, this is where you may have an issue. To be sure, we have those things (well, depends on what you consider “professional” sports), but noting like you’ll see in NYC, Los Angeles, or even Houston.

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Ok, here the top friendliest states in USA according to your own parameter. Funny enough some of them overlap with the previous suggestions for OP.

Data source

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The State of California has most of what you’re looking for.

  1. It doesn’t face hurricanes like the East Coast, nor does it face tornadoes like the middle states. The biggest worries are Earthquakes and Forest Fires, but there are areas that aren’t close to forests or brush and you’re unlikely to be in an Earthquake’s epicenter.
  2. The State’s crime rate is lower than the national average.
  3. There’s a large population of Catholics in California, many of them immigrants from Latin America (or the descendants of said immigrants), so finding traditional masses should be easy enough.
  4. California is a Democrat state, but there are Conservative counties.
  5. California has plenty of cultural options, especially in cities like San Francisco and San Diego.

The south is a lot friendlier then the Pacific Northwest from what I’ve experienced. It would be an adjustment to move up here, I should think. You might want to rent for a year or two and see what you think of the culture.
Best wishes.

I’m not the OP obviously, but when I moved across country to my current location, I had no job or place to live lined up. I picked a place that I liked, packed the truck, with my car towed in the back, and off I went. Stayed in a hotel a few nights while looking for an apartment, and found a job shortly after. I was young then though, but if I really wanted to live somewhere specific, I would do it again.

Plus nowadays many companies are hiring remote.

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Does anyone have an opinion on how Indiana or Ohio match up to my qualifications? They seem to be good ‘moderate’ areas that aren’t quite as stereotypically conservative as some states, and they seem to have strong Catholic populations and many cultural elements. I’m not sure how their weather is, but it doesn’t appear to be as extreme as some states, like those in the northeast or the Rockies.

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