Where should the tabernacle be and should we kneel for the consecration?

Hello! I have a question concerning kneeling at the consecration and genuflecting to the Tabernacle. In one of my local Parishes (archdiocese of Seattle) they have kneelers and the Tabernacle is in the front of the chapel behind the Altar, just like any church I’ve been to on the East coast. However, another local Parish does not have kneelers (stands for consecration) and the Tabernacle is in a little room off to the side in the back. I thought it was mandatory to kneel for the consecration and to have the Tabernacle in the front for genuflecting, etc. Please clarify this for me. Thanks.

The following links should answer your questions about the tabernacle and kneeling. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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