Where to buy an Advent calendar?


OK, my youngest child is 16, but the Advent threads have me thinking I might get her an Advent calendar! A simple cardboard one w/ doors to open each day.

Most of the ones I’ve seen on line start with Dec 1st, not the first Sunday in Advent. (though Advent starts Dec 2nd, so it’s close)

Where have you gotten yours? (preferably on line) --KCT


www.catholicheritagecurriculum.com Try that and if it doesn’t work, just google Catholic Heritage Curricula. Have you tried a local Catholic bookstore? I always try to support them first before going online.



**Catholicchild.com **and Leafletonline.com

and type in “advent calendar” in the search feature, I know they carry a variety of calendars for the Advent season…

another source to try is moscompany.com



Oops, I coulda sworn they (CHC) had an Advent Calendar in the past. Have you tried googling “Advent Calendar”? Now you have me searching!


I did google. . . still searching.

I found a Bratz Doll Advent Calendar if anyone wants a link (not!) —KCT


I found a variety at www.getfed.com. It’s a Catholic supply company. Now I need to decide between a good Catholic Calendar and a nice Bratz one. ; ) My 8 year old daughter received a Bratz puzzle last Christmas from her aunt. After she got it all put together, she used a black magic marker and colored it in so we couldn’t see the belly button! And she made the skirt longer, too!


EWTN religious catalogue might have one too…they have such beautiful religious things!!:slight_smile:


We have shopped with www.getfed.com and also www.totallycatholic.com- great service from both!


Playmobil has a great one as well an awesome nativity set for children.


I always buy them at Trader Joe’s. They have the kind with chocolate. They only charge 99cents too (or is it 1.99?). Depending where you are in Maryland, you probably have a Trader Joe’s near you:



I’m surprising my (protestant) family on St. Nicholas’s Day with, among other things, advent Calendars that I ordered from here:


They specifically make Advent Calendars and they’re beautiful. They have religious themed ones, Victorian styles, Panoramic, 3-D, mini ones, etc. etc. Reasonably priced too. I think they have Bible Verses behind the doors, not chocolate, however. I do think they go for all of December.


Those ARE beautiful!!


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