Where to buy cheaper chasubles and vestments?


We all know that liturgical equipment is pricy. Where should we buy chasubles, considering the lowest price and good quality? Is Internet a good source? I am affraid of buying from other countries through Ebay and Amazon. Have anybody tried that way?

You can find some cheaper ones online, but you’ll get what you pay for. I usually argue for buying a higher-quality set. F.C. Ziegler has some chasubles starting under $100.00.

It’s important to recognize how lesser quality will play into everything. Firstly, they’ll likely be less appealing. They’ll wear out much faster. The polyester will make Fr. sweat quite a bit.

A good middle ground is making your own vestments. You can get a full set of patterns online for $50-100, and none of them are that difficult. The hardest part will be finding a good fabric, but some sites that sell patterns will also sell fabric.

In my opinion, low price and high quality won’t really go together.

If I may ask, who or what are you purchasing for? Are you purchasing for a newly ordained priest, or for a parish?

You should not be afraid of foreign sellers on eBay who have a high feedback score, because if you pay with PayPal and the item doesn’t arrive or arrives damaged and the seller doesn’t fix the situation, you can get your money back easily. Also, eBay itself offers Buyer Protection on most things, which is a free service.

Amazon is a bit more difficult, but generally safe. However, personally, I would stick with eBay.

Agreed, and I have purchased many fine religious items, including vestments, from eBay.

Thank you very much for your quick and in-depth answers.

We have to prepare everything for a new parish in quite poor region. Two priests with at least four vestments could mean 800USD.

Anyway, I have registered on Ebay. I am buying from the European seller, which offers vestments from 39USD. I take the risk, Paypal secures money back just in case and the seller himself ensured me that quality will be top notch.

You can try this site.

If you can’t afford nice high quality vestments, then make your own. Our former priest sewed all our vestments until benefactors donated money for us to order high quality vestments at $42,000. Nothing but the best for God.

Anybody in the parish a whiz with a needle?
I bet there are some very talented dressmakers in the pews. Probably a couple who are great with embroidery too. And design…

Before I give money to a unknown source, I’d try the assets sitting in the pews. :slight_smile:

Buy the fabric, and they can do the work. Lots of churches in England get their vestments like this. And many of them are fabulous!

A lot depends on what type of vestments you are looking for. I have purchased several sets of “Roman” style via Ebay from Ackermann. They run around $200 plus shipping from Poland. Or you can buy from a local company such as Autom. com .

OF style vestments run considerably cheaper; around $100 plus shipping.

A search on Ebay will show many Gothic/semi-gothic style chasubles. I prefer to purchase the 5 piece sets because its too difficult to try and buy individual pieces and match the cloth patterns or even colors.

God Bless. :slight_smile:

Look at this items on Ebay! Good seller and great prices!

I don’t know “how old is too old” on bringing back old threads, but since this hasn’t been shut down yet, I suppose it’s OK.


Those sites are simply re-selling merchandise from other sites/stores at considerable markups.

They have many vestments from Catholic Liturgicals (www.catholicliturgicals.com) which they are selling at more than twice the cost of just buying them directly from the Catholic Liturgicals website. :eek: Also, much of their merchandise is from Autom (a rather popular Catholic supplier which sends catalogues to Catholic parishes at lease weekly) and again, at huge markups.

I would caution people to do a little research and look around before dealing with those sites.

We are always receiving gifts of vestments from funerals. We don’t need them so we often ship them to mission parishes.

I believe some dioceses have an inventory of surplus vestments, sanctuary furnishings, etc., from closed parishes that have been merged. You might check with the appropriate diocese.

I have purchased from eBay sellers, domestic and abroad, always with great success.

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