Where to Buy Lace Surplices?

Right now, I have one of these.

Does anyone know where I can get a surplice like this (I’m referring to the type/amount of lace, not the tie and slit on the top). Note, I’m not looking for one of these.

Does anyone know where I can get one of these? Does anyone know where I can get one cheaply?

Cheaply, no. Not with that amount of lace. $400 or so.

You probably wont be able to find something of that quality for such a price. I did find this: nechurchsupplies.com/#/cottas-surplice/4533665031

Item number K-3B. Not quite the lace you were looking for but it is rediculously cheap.

A cottas not dissimilar to that one above can be found on eBay at cheaper prices they usually come from Poland.
But if you want one like you specifically asked for in your first post save up the money or speak to Mgr. Marini.

Poland. We have ordered chasubles from Ars Sacra and found them to be extremely good quality. We ordered a rose semi-gothic chasuble and stole for Gaudete Sunday and they were delivered for about $150. The surplices (cottas) are about the same price, with really nice looking venise lace.


You won’t find one for cheap. Linen and lace are expensive. You could try here:

I missed that you were looking for a foot or more of lace. The economical choice would be to find plain, laceless cotta or surplice, shorten the sleeves, and then order a lace valance for about $10-25 on amazon, then add the valance to the cotta or surplice. I am not kidding. This would take me 30 minutes to do on my sewing machine, tops. That much lace would be excessive at my church, though.

Valances you could convert to trim:




Search Amazon for lace valance 60. 60 inches is probably enough unless you have deep pleats or really wide sleeves (which you might).

I echo what the person above said regarding buying vestments from Poland. I buy all of my vestments from Poland. I find them to be better quality than what is produced stateside, and about 20% of the cost, if that.

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