Where to buy liturgica vestments?

My parish priest approved the [adult] altar servers in my parish to wear cassocks and surplices! but therein lies the problem, he told me that i have to find a place to buy it from then get my measurements. so may i please ask CAF where they know of a good place to buy a cassock from?

Generations Religious Gifts.


Call them. They’re good people.

thanks so much



Here’s the “standard” altar server’s cassock cassock:

And depending on what kind of surplice you want, here’s a few

Basic, the “standard” ($50) aquinasandmore.com/catholic-gifts/Abbey-Brand-Easy-Care-Square-Yoke-Surplice/sku/9630

Pleated, plain ($65) aquinasandmore.com/catholic-gifts/Abbey-Brand-Ecumenical-Surplice/sku/9631

Not Pleated, lace ($175) aquinasandmore.com/catholic-gifts/Abbey-Brand-IHS-Surplice/sku/9635

If you do a lot of serving, these are very nice, and very well made. I own the one on the top left, and it’s very good.



The cheapest site that I have found is www.autom.com

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There are only about 3 or maybe 4 manufacturers that make cassocks for retail in the US. The retail stores (brick&mortar or online) all sell the same product and all for roughly the same price. You might want to check the sticky here for links forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=467887

The problem is size. Consider how easy (and costly!) it will be to return it if you don’t know exactly what size you need.

If you have a Catholic church goods store nearby*, this might be your best option. Even if they don’t have them in-stock, they all deal with the same manufacturers, so they are all able to get whatever you need. And gettins “sized” in person will make the whole process much easier.

  • I’m sure that a city like New Orleans will have quite a few retailers of Catholic goods.

I haven’t used them for vestments, but for candles, incense, votive figures etc they are by far the cheapest. Their shipping and handling is rather high on small orders, but still a bargain. On larger orders the shipping and handling is a more reasonable fraction of the total cost.

I have never had a problem, or the need to return anything; so can’t comment on that. However, they seem dedicated to giving good service.

You can also go to www.leafletonline.com they may have some they have every thing else that has to do with catholocism if you do not find anhything there then you could try typing in catholic liturgical garments into the search bar and see if there are any links to manufactures that would sell this type of an item

my pastor decided against the cassock again :(. but i can still use these sites to look for a alb for myself…

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