Where to buy modest women attire?

Does anyone know where a woman can buy modest attire for every day and church? Is there a website that I can check out?





Old Navy


I think Mod Cloth has some pretty good options!

You might try Kosher Casual. I like Lands End for knit tops; their pima cotton crew neck is a good quality and comes in lots of colors. If you’re looking for a modest swimsuit, ModLi has some great ones. Eshakti has some modest options, and you can get them made to measure.

Now if I could just find long skirts that didn’t get in the way of daily life with a dog, I’d be all over that…

Not that the Old Colonel is an expert. But most places sell adiquate attire. What is more important is knowing how to dress modestly and appropriately for church. This applies to men as well, in my opinion.


What is your personal style, and how do you define modest?


It can be a challenge to find modest clothing for women! It seems like all the dresses/skirts/shorts are very short, the shirts are low cut, everything is sleeveless, and sometimes see through. (I think they do this so you are forced to buy more clothing to go under/over it.) I get so excited when I actually find something that is cute/fashionable, but also modest. Not always as easy as it sounds…


Yes if she wants pretty things, Coldwater Creek/ Everything else is very VERY plain.
Macy’s.com has nice things.

Other than stores that are geared specifcally towards club/party wear or very trendy styles, one can find what would be considered “modest” clothes almost anywhere. At least that’s been my experience.


I posted a number of online retailers re this a few months ago

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I had no idea. It sounds like this is a difficult problem. Thank you for explaining that.

Even Torrid has modest stuff, and they are VERY trendy

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Deva by Cammy
Marketplace Handwork of India
And all the places all the other ladies mentioned like Lands End, Kohls, even Modcloth

Every time we have one of these threads we get lots of people posting that all the clothes for women are low cut and tight.
I’m here to tell you that at least in the USA, that isn’t the case.
Virtually every US clothes catalog has comfortable, loose, modest clothing for women.
Maybe tight clothes are more of a European thing…


Excactly. For the most part you can find trendy, modern clothes because even though many workplaces have moved to business casual, the dress codes tend to be extremely puritanical.

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My experience too.

You always get people complaining that the modest things are “frumpy” but that hasn’t been my experience either. If a dress is plain, that means you’re supposed to accessorize it.
Somebody mentioned Coldwater Creek, which I shopped from many times when I needed office wear.
I’m here to tell you that there are about 100 other clothing outlets in catalogs and now on the Web that sell essentially the same type or fancier styles than Coldwater Creek.


North Style catalog.

Thank you all for the suggestions. I appreciate them.


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