Where to find a traditional black dress?!


So, I’m going to a gala fundraiser in a few weeks and want to buy a simple black dress - picture a round neck line, below the knee, short sleeve sheath dress. A string of pearls and it’s classic, right?

Ha! No where to be found. All the dresses in the mall are low cut, tight, short or too sparkly. Not even close.

I do sew, so I marched myself to the fabric store for a look. I have time to make something.

I love Asian look dresses in a brocade. I brought home a pattern and 1/8 of a yard of brocade to mull over. Also a pattern for a sheath dress. I’d rather not have to make a dress, but I will.

I’ve tried the major department stores and on line. I hesitate to buy on line because if the fit is wrong I won’t have time to exchange it.

Where have you bought a simple black dress?


Dillard’s, Penney’s, Carson’s (Boston Store), Field’s now Macy’s.

I understand about not wanting to make one.


I went to Macys, Penneys, Sears and Boscovs this afternoon.

I looked at Nordstrom on line (there’s a Nordstrom 30 min from me) but they were too expensive and most were too low cut.

Sigh . . . my machine may come out of hiding after Easter!


White House Black Market



Nordstrom’s has a ton.

Go to the Nordstrom’s dress shop on their website and then the link to Little Black Dress.



A few options!



49.99 and pretty!


I hesitate to chime in here, but did you check your local consignment and/or second-hand shops?


Oh that is pretty!


Burlington, Ross…


From Target…




From JCPenny…





Thanks, I’ll check out the links.


I bought from JC Penny online for my bridesmaids’ dresses. They accepted returns to their store, so one option I could suggest would be if you purchase a dress from them, order 2 or 3 sizes and return the ones that do not fit in store. You may have to spend a little more on postage, but it will insure that you have plenty of options in a short period of time. :thumbsup:


Have actually found good basics (slacks, jackets, skirts, shifts) @ Banana Republic. They’re great for petites/small sizes as well.


If you have Steve and Barry near you- Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Bitten” line has a lovely classic black dress.
Issac Mizrahi’s line at Target has some great stuff as well.

Mizrahi Black
Mizrahi Black Special Edition


I found one at Macy’s, though I did have to add some fabric to make the neckline higher. White House Black Market is fantastic, and sometimes Ann Taylor or Banana Republic, but honestly I do end up making or redoing half the clothes I wear, it’s really hard to find really nice, modest, and interesting clothing out there.


I know you don’t want to buy online, but this is really nice IMO:



I have luck at Talbots with dresses – if you have a store nearby they will allow you to return items ordered online directly to them. The main reason I like them is everything is available in petites (that would be me :D) and talls.

Good luck!!!


These are all beautiful and the prices are great! :smiley:


I decided to bite the bullet and make a dress. I’m going to make the asian style dress in a black print brocade. A trip to the facric store is on my agenda today.

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