Where to find modest bridesmaid gowns?


Hey everyone! :wave:

I’m smack in the middle of planning my wedding next summer and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for where to find modest bridesmaid’s gowns? By modest, I’d like something with little cleavage and sleeves… Incidentally, have you ever walked into David’s Bridal and requested sleeves on a dress? It’s really funny…:rotfl:

So, anyway, any websites or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thanks and God bless!

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You could go to a material shop and look for patterns you like and hire a good seamstress to sew the gowns for you. Or call around to shops in your area, tell them the things you want in bridesmaids’ gowns to see if any of them have what you are looking for. Or go to google.com and do a search within your search requirements. Good luck and God bless!





a few places you can browse through. don’t think you’ll find even the “little bit of cleavage” here though! :slight_smile:


You might have better luck as we approach the cooler weather. Boy am I glad I’m married and don’t have to go through all that again :smiley: Congratulations!


Mormon wedding sites are great for this.

Also consider the route of a bolero jacket- will give you a lot more options for hem and waist lines. I loved a certain (strapless) dress and made my first sewing project the bolero jacket. It looked great, but when the time came to walk down the aisle, it wasn’t on and I totally forgot it! I also sewed shawls and boleros for my girls (second, third, fourth projects) and most of them ended up going without as well.

In my experience, we were all dressed tastefully tho some had no sleeves or no straps, and the shawls and boleros to cover the shoulders were the LAST thing on my mind that day.

I’m sure the dresses will be spectacular whatever you decide.


I thought the reason Bridesmaids gown were such ugly colors was that so that no one would notice the cleavage and lack of sleeves…


Actually, one course of action that I’ve been weighing is to buy sleeveless dresses plus one extra dress and then sew a couple of bolero jackets from the “extra” dress… :hmmm: I’m just sort of caught between the economics of time versus the economics of money issue…:o

And thanks for all the suggestions so far!:smiley:



Another suggestion that I’ve gotten from friends is to buy a “normal” nice, long dress that isn’t officially labeled “bridesmaid” and use that instead for my bridesmaids. Perhaps ya’ll have some women’s clothing companies you could suggest for this option. I’ve looked some on Chadwicks, Newport News, New York and Company, Eddie Bauer, Coldwater Creek, etc.

I’d like to keep the price below $160 per dress, so that’s where I’m running up against trouble…it seems if it’s labeled “bridesmaid” the price tag runs way up…:frowning:


Here I am with my bridesmaids:


Once the dress met a basic standard, I was more concerned with price. We went with ebay mix-and-match, and no one was the wiser. Probably not as modest as you’re going for, just thought I’d show you what I was talking about. All of them were supposed to be wearing little jackets like my neice at the far right is wearing, or a shawl like my sister in law to my left is wearing.


That’s what I did. I too think that the label “bridesmaid” makes the price double or more :slight_smile: Plus, a lot of the bridesmaids dresses out there are quite ugly or too revealing.
I got mine at Macy’s. There were two different styles of the same material, plus they were normal enough that they could be used on a different occasion, and they were very pretty too :slight_smile:
If you do find some that need boleros you can get a sheer material that goes well with the color and that way you don’t have to worry about matching that much. One of the designs of my bridesmaids dresses came with a bolero jacket and I had a bolero jacket made for my dress from the shawl that came with it and wore it for the Mass, and took it off for the party.


The littlest one’s dress came from JC Penny’s. We also saw some pretty ones in other dept stores. Too bad your timing won’t work out to hit up a prom clearance!

The most expensive dress in the picture (besides mine) was 35 including shipping. My sister wanted a style that would really flatter her figure, so she was willing to pay extra for that. One dress was 5 (incl ship), two more were 15 (also incl ship), one was handmade with dollar/yd fabric, not sure what the other two neices’ dresses ended up costing. Theirs were new.


Lol, I know… We got engaged a month ago, and by then most of the summer stuff had been either picked through or bought… I guess I could always wait, but that seems like cutting it a little close since the wedding is in early June. :slight_smile:


Are your bridesmaids concerned about the modesty issue, or is it just you? If they are, you can get very elegant dresses from David’s Bridal (they are relatively inexpensive) and get shawls to go with them, they also sell bolero jackets, and other cover-ups. If you want to be adventurous like vluvski and make them, then that’s a good option, too. (I can’t sew to save my life.) Be careful if you get a overly-modest dress because sometimes they can be more distracting than a regular dress by today’s standards. I can see your point about the cleavage, but what’s wrong with showing the arms?

I think these are very elegant and modest.


[/FONT] This is what my b-maids are wearing



Good luck to ya!

The dresses on the beautifully modest website are really pretty!


That web page Beautiful Modesty is great! I was concerned about the same thing, particularly since one of my bridesmaids was an E cup. I went with strapless gowns and the girls wore the wraps during the ceremony. I had my seamstress make a bussel type attachment to the back of the gowns on the lower back so that during the reception they could hook the shawls to the back of their dresses. It was really beautiful, they look like little bussels on their gowns and that way when they got hot (this is Texas afterall) they could take the shawls off and not worry about having to carry them around during the reception. congrats and good luck!


I picked bridesmaids’ dresses from Chadwick’s of Boston. They were inexpensive and quite lovely. I think Chadwick’s recently expanded their Special Occasion line so maybe you’ll have luck there.


Taking a cue from an above suggestion about Mormon’s I found this site right away. I thought it was nice.

Why am I interested in this topic? I’m not sure, but I do appreciate the idea of beauty and modesty together in one concept, something our society seems to have forgotten.


This might be much more informal than the look you’re going for, and I don’t know if it can be considered “stylish” 4 years later…but it’s simple, cheap, modest and very attractive on a lot of people, not to mention actually wearable after the event…

I saw in a bridal magazine, a group of bridemaids wearing a beautiful cap sleeved, fitted, white cotton blouse, with a gorgeous, full, floor length skirt made out of a yummy, rich material (satin?), and a matching wide sash around the waist, the ends hanging gracefully down at the side. I took this idea and ran with it! I bought the blouses for my bridemaids for their “gift” for helping me out, and picked out the fabric and pattern for the skirt at a fabric store… and my mother made the skirts to exactly fit each of the girls… she even found a beautiful matching fabric to make the sash. They looked LOVELY! I can’t post pics, b/c I don’t have any on the 'puter, but maybe you can picture what I mean.

God’s blessings on your up-coming nuptials!


BTW, Bravo to you for setting modesty as a priority in your choosing of dresses. Its so sad to see wedding parties (and brides) dressed innappropriately at Church. Marriage is a Sacrament gee


Thanks everyone for all the suggestions! It’s really great getting all these ideas… :slight_smile:

Keep them coming…:thumbsup:




I really liked your idea about using a matching blouse with long skirts and a sash–I just might run with that one.

Oh, and I’ll be having a noon wedding, so the formality I’m aiming for is sort of tea-length and ultra feminine. Kind of lots of lace and girlie-ness with a dash of chic bridesmaid…if that makes sense. :rolleyes:


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