Where to find the Councils?


I was wondering if someone could help me with something, I hear a lot of x was decided in the IX lateran council and y was declared on III council of Constantnaple or whatever and these decisions are infalliable but, I have never gotten to take a look at any documents except for a few from Vatican Council II which bored me stiff. I was curious about anywhere I could find the various things from the various councils (hopefully with a commentatary :thumbsup: ) so I can attucally say “ohhhhh…” or “Not really sir, we got it from (council) (Document) (maybe some scriptures)”. Thanks and God bless.

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*]Council of Nicaea I : 325 A.D.
*]Council of Constantinople I : 381 A.D.
*]Council of Ephesus : 431 A.D.
*]Council of Chalcedon : 451 A.D.
*]Council of Constantinople II : 553 AD
*]Council of Constantinople III : 680-681 A.D.
*]Council of Nicaea II : 787 A.D.

    Cf. [Nicea II 753]("http://www.ewtn.com/library/COUNCILS/NICAEA2I.HTM")         (Iconcolast Synod)

*]Council of Constantinople IV : 869-870 A.D.
*]Lateran Council I : 1123 A.D.
*]Lateran Council II : 1139 A.D.
*]Lateran Council III : 1179 A.D.
*]Lateran Council IV : 1215 A.D.
*]Council of Lyons 1 : 1245 A.D.
*]Council of Lyons 2 : 1274 A.D.
*]Council of Vienne : 1311-12 A.D.
*]Council of Constance 1414-18 A.D.
*]Council of Basel-Ferrara-Florence : 1431-1435 A.D.
*]Lateran Council V : 1512-17 A.D.
*]Council of Trent : 1545-63 A.D. [at Hanover College - this is public domain]. Also a Zipped version [At EWTN]
*]Vatican Council I : 1869 AD
*]Vatican Council 2: Index
Vatican Council 2: Index
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[quote=Genesis315]Wow RyanL. Awesome. Thanks for posting this!!!

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