Where to get an online bachelor's degree in theology

Any suggestions?

It depends on what amount of schooling you have already have. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in something else (anything else), you can actually go for a Masters in Theology. Franciscan University, the Augustine Institute, and Catholic Distance University all have online and/or distance Masters programs.

CDU does have a bachelor’s completion program in theology. That’s probably because it would be much more involved for them to offer all of the general education courses that go into a bachelor’s degree. So if you already have those type of hours, you could do that. Or else I suppose you could get your gen ed courses at some other online school (like the University of Phoenix) and then get the theology courses at CDU. You’d just want to talk to CDU to make sure that your credits would transfer.

But if you already have a bachelor’s degree, it would be less time consuming and more beneficial to get the Masters degree in Theology instead.

There are plenty of good schools for a Masters, but I’m not sure if they offer full undergraduate degrees online.

I know Catholic Distance University allows for transfer to finish you BA online. So you could take all of your humanities & general courses a a community college or affordable local college and then transfer


I’m not sure if Holy Apostles College, Fransciscan University, Christendom College, University of Dallas, etc offer online undergrad programs.

I would suggest the following:

Visit the Newman Society’s list of colleges online and visit their websites and/or call them to see if they have online BAs in theology or if that at least offer an online degree completion program like Catholic Distance University does.

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St. Joseph’s College of Maine offers a full undergraduate degree in Theological Studies, with a fast track to a Master’s in Theology. It’s a fully accredited school. You can do it all online.

The courses vary widely at St. Joseph’s, Franciscan, and Augustine. You have to check them out and see which fits your needs and wants best.

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You can Google it. Just type in site:.edu bachelor in theology online or something similar.

I know we have debated this before, but I’m still a little wary about St. Joseph’s College in Maine. They were founded by the Sisters of Mercy, and those schools have a tendency to focus more on “social justice” than on Catholic Doctrine.



For example the below is about: Carlow University & Mercyhurst College.


And here is an article indirectly related to Carlow University but directly related to the Sisters of Mercy and Catholics for Obama: cardinalnewmansociety.org/CatholicEducationDaily/DetailsPage/tabid/102/ArticleID/1752/Carlow-College-Denied-Claim-Obama-Rally-Was-Held-on-Campus.aspx


Gwynedd Mercy University also removed the Cross from their logo too. They replaced the order’s shield with a griffin…

So, I’m not sure if I could recommend St. Joesph’s College or not. I want to be able to recommend them, they have a great online platform and they are affordable. But I still question their orthodoxy.

In addition to the information in the posts above, here are a few others:

NOTE: I don’t know anything about their programs, but I’m listing these here for you:

Brescia University offers an online BA in Theology brescia.edu/

St. Leo University also offers a online BA in Religion (NOT theology), which is more generic and also covers some world religions too: online.saintleo.edu/academics/bachelors-programs/religion.aspx

Assumption College offers an online BA in Humanities with a concentration in Theology

I hope this is helpful.

FYI - I just found that Desales University (a college on the Cardinal Newman Society’s list of recommended Catholic colleges) offers an online Bachelor’s degree in Theology



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I am getting my Masters from St Joseph’s College in Maine. It has been a fantastic program so far. I believe they have an online Bachelor’s as well.


I just learned that Holy Apostles College & Seminary, another school ranked by the Cardinal Newman Society, offers an online bachelor’s in Theology.


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You can start your degree via Ignatius Angelicum Liberal Studies Program (founded by Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J.).

You then finish your degree at Holy Apostles. The Angelicum program is cheaper, so you can get your first 60 credits at only $250 per credit. Then, you finish at Holy Apostles.


If Holy Apostles College and Seminary’s bachelors program is anything like their masters, then go Holy Apostles.

I graduated from Holy Apostles with my Master’s in Moral Theology, and if the Air Force gave me more time, I’d go for another one!

They’re an awesome group of people, and when I return from my deployment, I’m going to make it a point to visit!

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