Where to get Financial Advice


Where is the best place to get UNBIASED financial advise? It seems as though everywhere I look someone has an alterior motive or is selling something.

Where can one get unbiased, objective advice? By the way this is NOT about Bankruptcy but involves some decisions I need to make which are too complicated to list here.

Any advice where to look?


If you’re looking for investment/income management type of advice and you already have a certain amount of money (like a recent inheritance or you sold a business/property, etc), I would call Vanguard and pay them a fee to analyze your situation and give recommendations based on your money, budget and spending, financial goals and the like. On the other hand, if you are trying to achieve a certain sort of financial success or want to learn how to manage your money as it grows, I’d recommend starting with books, like Rich Dad Poor Dad.


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