Where to get the News

I routinely read CNN, FOX, and Drudge web sites. At home I watch FOX and CNN Headline news. But, there’s a problem.

As I progress (it’s better to say “we” and include my wife) we find the news sites and channels to be too provocative, nasty, opinionated, and, at times, just plain filthy. This entry was prompted by a headline on fox news about another ~20 old woman showing her genitals to the news photographers.

So, the question is, what do you watch/read? BTW, I’m politically not inclined to watch/read the main stream media - I simply can’t stand it. Maybe it’s time for a self-imposed news blackout. :frowning: Thanks in advance.

Have you tried catholicnews.com ? I go there every few days or so.

I get most of my news through blogs. The ones I like are listed on my blog, but there are many others to get the filtering (or lack thereof) you like.

my home page is catholicexchange.com which has a new roundup updated continuously. Fox and the other “news” programs on MSM are entertainment, not news. tcrnews2.com also has AP headlines, updates from all Catholic newssources and links, and links and updates plus headlines from MSM including CNN, BBC, etc. I look at my local paper on-line for news of local interest, obituaries etc.

Thanks buzzcut for the link. :slight_smile:

Wow - thanks for the links. I really appreciate it. I have to go do some reading now . . .

EWTN has a good news section on its webpage.

Look at www.newsmax.com for more secular news.

I get most of my world/national news from websites because I don’t have to click on links for stupid or racey stories. I do watch local news, but I find it is far less prone to tossing in celebrity gossip cloaked as real news. FOX has disgusted me with their unending Anna Nicole coverage. They have done no better than the other media outlets. The woman was not real news before her death, so I just cannot stand the media circus now.

Lou Dobbs - A breath of fresh air as far as news commentators go.

I agree about the media circus. But what is a 24/7 news network going to do but repeat the same regurgitated news every hour?

try worldnetdaily on the web. I’ve only scanned through it a few times but it seemed conservative without the starched shirts.

I would not mind if they regurgitated actual newsworthy events such as what is happening in Iraq or Iran or Korea or a natural disaster. Anything but the unending celebrity “news.” It would not be so bad if it was confined to a Hollywood focused show such as the networks used to use for such stories. There is plenty to talk about all over the US let alone the world without resorting to celebrity “panty” stories.

My undergrad degree is in journalism (radio, TV, film). I remember what it was like before “news” agencies lost focus and a lot of the standards that used to govern what could be shown and when. When I was in training we had to edit to prevent even graphic footage of a “hard news” story if it was the dinner hour as opposed to 10 or 11 pm shows.

I long for the days when there was less sexually explicit material on television. You can’t even watch a show you trust without seeing explicit commercials about products or other shows. And I agree about the news shows covering gratuitous material for the ratings. I am so mad ad FOXnews for doing so. They’re supposed to at least try to understand conservative views, so why bombard us with scantily-clad women on a news show?

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