Where to learn more about Church's teaching on issues of sexuality


I know the Catechism is a great place to start, and searching various sites like Catholic.com provides good articles. But where can I go to find out more -- the nitty-gritty -- the stuff of Catholic theologians, for example. I am really interested in the Church's teaching regarding sexuality, especially because of today's Western culture and the Church's consistent teaching that reflects a near complete opposite of it. If anyone could point to good websites or articles or even official church documents, that would be excellent. Even better would be book reccommendations. I am paricularly interested in anything Catholic theology has to say about:
*]sexuality in general
*]the nature of sin relating to sexuality
*]how the existence of homosexual and transsexual persons squares with the Church's conception of the male-and-female complementarity as being God's design.
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I don’t know where to dig into that.

On a separate matter, I came up with this thread


and therein you will find a reference to a couple Jesuit moral theologians.

The general subject that you are interested in may be what John Paul II discussed so deeply, the so-called “theology of the body”

see here amazon.com/Man-Woman-He-Created-Them/dp/0819874213/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363075000&sr=8-1&keywords=theology+of+the+body

I have this thick volume on my stack of books to be read.

I think it is supposed to discuss the subjects you are interested in. I expect that it has a wealth of references to more primary sources. I don’t know. As I recall now, this is a collection of weekly addresses by the Pope and the book may not have all the references so explicitly. But, I don’t think you can go wrong by looking into it.


You might check into this book:

Catholic Sexual Ethics: A Summary, Explanation, & Defense


"Catholic Sexual Ethics" by Lawler et al (OSV)


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