Where to Learn Theology?

Hello everyone!

I am a full time college student, who has had a strong upbringing in the Catholic faith. However, I want to learn more. I know most of the basics, but I want to know more. I love Christ and his Church, and I desire to love more. The more I know, the more I can love and better share my faith with those around me. I am very involved with my local Church, but unfortunately, my parish doesn’t offer any of the more “advanced” teachings that I am looking for.

Since I am a full time student, and my college doesn’t offer any theology courses either, I am curious as to where I can get this education. Are there any online (preferably free) courses on Catholic Theology?

Peace of Christ.

You might just try looking up the syllabus or bibliography for a theology course at a Catholic university. That is sort of a do it yourself approach.

Theology for Beginners by F.J. Sheed


Don’t let the title fool you. It is very deep.


Knights of Columbus put out a couple free programs:

These aren’t free, but are pretty good, fairly inexpensive, non-credit courses. I’ve taken a few courses with both STEP and VLCFF :

University of Notre Dame STEP: step.nd.edu

University of Dayton VLCFF: vlcff.udayton.edu

Boston College Crossroads: bc.edu/schools/stm/crossroads/


Don’t let the title fool you. It is very deep.

I told someone once I was reading Ratzinger’s “Introduction to Christianity,” he was very confused! :smiley:

If you’re really serious, after college you could register as a lay student at a seminary (not free but depending on where you’re looking at not that much)… or actually enter one!

Thank you for all for pointing me in the right direction!

It’ll cost you $10 a month but another excellent place is Churchmilitant.com . Their premium section is loaded with good viewing . They do offer a 15 day free trial.

This is very good. Theology is can be deep in places. This is a book written for the ordinary person who wants to learn. It touches on important things to know.

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