Where to live in Cincinnati Metro

Hi Everyone,
I have an interview for a job in Cincinnati, Oh area. I’m wondering if there are anyone online here who lives in the metro, and if they can recommend which parish is the best to live in.
My family and I are young with one child attend a traditional, NO parish, but we’re not opposed to to latin NO or EF.
Job is on the Ky side across from downtown Cincinnati, so if there’s a parish in the Covington diocese vs. Arch Cincinnati, then we’re okay with that too.
Thanks for your help and God bless.

I don’t live there but I visit Cincinnati a few time each year. Can’t really help you with your questions, but I really like that city. Because of the topography, I frequently hear it compared to San Francisco. Also because of the topography, I bet it grinds to a halt during a snow storm.

There is a beautiful church atop Mt. Adams that I visit whenever I’m in town:


I think Mt. Adams would be a great place to live…except during a snow storm, when it would be very much like a thrill ride. Nice park, great restaurants and bars.

The cathedral in Covington is absolutely breathtaking:


Best of luck with your new job.

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