Where to purchase perforated condoms?


My husband needs to submit a sample and I can’t find anywhere to buy these for the life of me! If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it!!!


Ummm … couldn’t you just buy the regular kind and poke holes in 'em? :confused:




I have recently come across a few threads talking about perforated condoms, but may I ask what the purpose of them is?


The only morally acceptable way to collect a semen sample for analysis is for the man to don a perforated condom and make love to his wife. The perforated condom will allow some semen to escape, making conception possible, while retaining enough for analysis.


Well now then…just goes to show, that a person can still learn something new everyday. :slight_smile:


Hm, I had not known that.
I thought of an interesting question, though. I’m only asking this so that I know an answer for the future because I in no way would ever consider this, but what if someone wanted to use a perforated condom because it lessens the chances of conceiving? As you said, it is still open to conception, but if the condom is acting as a partial barrier, I would naturally think it would dramatically reduce the chances.


You forget, it only takes ONE sperm to make it.:smiley:


Some fertility specialists have them available for their patients. If yours does not, you can buy plain condoms and perforate it yourself. It must be a condom without any lubricants or spermicides.


:blush: …I’m going to stay out of this one…


I agree with you… seems kinda silly to me. Let God take you where He wants and don’t question things… if you have a low count and can’t conceive what will you do? IVF is a no-no too!!
So what will the information do for you then… can’t see the sense in it to be honest. Sorry.



But then again, it’s the simplest thing to check. If there is no motile sperm you know that testing the wife is pointless. OTOH, if there are millions of motile sperm, you start looking somewhere else for a reason. Why would you start with invasive tests when that one is so simple?


So what happens with a single man with a urological problem? Sorry Doc, I guess I’ll just have to suffer and die because I’m not married???

Or is this a case where fornication is permissible? Sure would make for a strange pick up line in a bar :slight_smile:


I find your comments very offensive. If my husband needs to submit a semen sample to his doctor the reason is none of your concern! We believe in doing this the proper way and my question is where I can purchase the means to do so. :rolleyes:

But just to clarify so that hopefully other posters will refrain from being so rude, my husband and I have been trying to conceive after a successful vasectomy reversal surgery and since we have not been successful over the last few years of trying, we are going to have him checked again before we finalize our decision to focus 100% on adoption. So :stuck_out_tongue: on you! :smiley:


Amen :smiley:


You go girl!! :thumbsup: Good luck in the babymaking dept!! God Bless you for being willing to adopt!! :smiley:


Actually…I was simply saying that I am completely inexperienced in ANY part of this conversation…So I was just going to refrain from making a fool of myself…


OK…It’s official. NOW I have heard everything.


You could use the same reasoning to defend using regular condoms though, which are not 100% effective and which are morally wrong.


And I thought it was gonna be just another boring day on CAF.

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