Where to start?

Hello all!

As you can tell I’m fairly new to these forums, so forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong section! I was just hoping if anyone could help me out by posting your favourite Catholic websites in which to learn about our faith? I’m very eager to start getting involved in deeper spiritual discussions and everything Catholic, but I feel like I lack the necessary basic knowledge in some areas and have not a clue where to start.

Thank you in advance!

I like going on Fish Eaters. They have a lot of interesting articles and a good number of prayers & devotions under the “being Catholic” section. There’s also the Baltimore Catechism and the Roman Catechism online.


Formed.com -you need to buy a password for that, but parishes sometimes buy passwords and are willing to share - check around for any parishes in your area that have a Formed account.

Thank you kindly!

Thanks so much!

Look no further you have arrived.

I enjoy the articles on the other side of this site.

When I am away from my computer and working at home I prefer to listen, I am not much of a reader it tends to put me to sleep.

I have most of the MP3 on this site.


Also, I listen to the Catholic Answers podcasts daily.


Here is another site for some great talks from Scott Hahn.


I also like the talks by John Martignoni here:


Wow, thank you!

Welcome to the forums. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I will check out some of the links as well!~

God Bless.

Thanks so much! God bless!

Hello there, LW! :thumbsup:

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism is a good site, though you may have to browse around a lot to find what you want.

The National Catholic Register is a very good, orthodox Catholic newspaper which includes commentary, movie reviews and personal reflections from a Catholic perspective. You can sign up for daily updates, which are free.

All the best on your journey! Praying for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!
Y’all are so kind!!

Your welcome.

I just noticed I put the wrong link in for the CAL podcasts. Here is the correct one. Once you set it up on you phone it automatically downloads 2 podcasts everyday of the week.


I also have the CAL ap on my phone for when I want to search the archives and listen to them answer questions on certain topics.

Www. Ewtn.com
Www.catholicscomehome.org (com?)
YouTube- called to communion with Dr David anders or Mother Angelica live or the journey home (all ewtn shows)

Thanks again! I do love listening to podcasts!

Thank you!!

Hi littlewonderer,

Welcome to the Catholic Answers Forum! :slight_smile:

I like looking around the Vatican’s website. It has a lot of interesting information on it.

Here is a link to it:


I also like to refer to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, too, as a reference. I have the first edition of it in a hard copy edition, that was given to me as a gift, but I will also look up info. in the second edition online when I need to, as well.

Here is the online version to it, from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops:


I also like looking at the Catholic.org website. It is a general resource for different things that you may be looking for, like information on the saints, or Bible readings of the day, news, and so on.

Here is the link:


Thank you so much!

Another approach is to go topic by topic.

Tell us what you are interested in studying, and we will give you resources for that subject. :thumbsup:

Right now, I’d love to know of any resources where I can learn all about the saints, as well as interesting writings, of any kind, done by influential Catholics. :slight_smile:

Diary of Saint Faustina
Dark Night of Soul- Saint John of the Cross
Story of a Soul- Saint Therese of Lisieux
The Imitation of Christ byThomas a Kempis
Anything by Saint Francis de Sales
Anything by Mother Theresa
Anything by Bishop Fulton Sheen (or audio of his TV show)
Anything by Mother Angelica
Anything by Pope Francis or Pope John Paul II
Anything by or about Saint Padre Pio
Letters of Saint Ignatius of Antioch

There are biographies written about the lives of many saints, but I prefer their own personal writings.

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