Where was Jesus?


Where was jesus when my father died of cancer?

Where was jesus when my family members were brutally murdered?

Where was jesus?

Does Jesus even exist anymore?

Did we vanquish Jesus from the world or did Jesus just forget us?


Jesus was there at all of those occurrences.

I’m sorry that these things happened to your family. All were the result of the fall.

My grandfather died of cancer when I was 16. My father was diagnosed with cancer less than 3 months later. (Dad was successfully treated and has been cancer-free for over 17 years.)

I questioned why God would allow this. His response: “Because I will it.”

Eventually I realized that I was being called to nursing, so that I could care for others as nurses had cared for my father and grandfather. This led me to my current job and my husband and beautiful stepdaughter.

You may find the poem “Footprints in the Sand” helpful.


Where were you when Jesus suffered and sweat blood in the garden? Where were you when Jesus was betrayed?Where were you when Jesus was condemned? Where were you when He was scourged? Where you when Jesus was crowned with Thorns? Where were you when Jesus was kicked,punched and spit on? Where were you when He carried that Cross He would die on? Where were you when He was stretched and nailed to that Cross? Where were you when He died on that Cross? Where were you when His Mother screamed out as She held His dead Body? Now you come to this forum after joining 2 hours ago and post four threads all doubting God and the Saints. Makes me think you are a troll. Everyone read his other threads especially about Mass.


I wasnt alive yet… And jesus is my savior so please reference your tone when talking about my lord and savior.


Anybody ever tell you that Jesus, Lord and Savior are spelled with a capital J,L, and S. I am going to flag you you are just being plain disrespectful to Jesus our Lord and Savior…


If you saw the whole picture as Jesus does, and you saw your father and family members now in paradise experiencing happiness and love beyond anything in this life, would you still be angry at Jesus ?

Remember, we only get a small glimpse of what happens to us when we die. In all, we place ourselves at the feet of the God who is merciful and good.

Don’t give up on Jesus, he certainly won’t give up on you.



I have compassion and no it is not about the capital letters. This person joined two hours ago. He has four threads going all against Jesus, God, the Saints and his experience at Mass. I ,and this is my opinion from past , believe he came on this forum to “stir” things up. Yes I believe he is a troll. again my opinion. To show you my compassion, I withdrew the flag. I care about this forum and do not like the way some disrespect it. If I am wrong, I ask God’s forgiveness God bless you


‘And he said, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return; the LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” In all this Job did not sin or charge God with wrong.’ - Job 1:21-22


Death is only bad if you are going to hell and if that happened, there is no one to blame but themselves.


Elie Wiesel, in his autobiographical book, Night, tells of the torture and killing of a youth in front of the prisoners in a concentration camp. One man asks “Where is God?” Another man looks to the youth and says “He is there.”

It is my hope that Jesus was there with your father, suffering with him and consoling him as he lay dying of cancer, and there with your family members as they were terrorized and killed, suffering along with them and bearing their spirits up to heaven. Jesus knows all about injustice and suffering, and he knows also about love and eternal life.


This is not the way to treat someone who is hurting.

They should know we are Christians by our love.

Sorry to say it, but there is not a lot of love in your posts.


Jesus was right there helping you not break down totally when these terrible things happened.


Are you referring to my posts in regard to this person.? I have a few questions, why IS Jesus is My Savior not responding? He speaks of these murders where did they happen? You even asked him if he lived in the USA…Where are these Catholics and Non-Catholics being killed? I stand by what I said and I do it out of Love for Jesus,out of love for God the Father and for this community…God bless us all,…


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