Where was Mary while Jesus was off preaching?

I thought about this as I was praying the Rosary. At the time Jesus began his public ministry, Joseph had already passed. Jesus would have been the provider for Mary, so how was she able to care for herself and her physical needs?

Is there any Church/Tradition teaching on this?

Perhaps Jesus worked hard and saved up enough for her to live on for three years (before her care was given to John)? Maybe Mary lived with other relatives? Maybe the money that was given to support Jesus and His ministry was also used to care for Mary?

Perhaps you would be interested in reading “The Mystical City of God”:


Hi Didi,

What a lovely question! Thank you for sharing some of the fruit of your rosary meditation with us.

I had never thought about this before. Perhaps Mary spent part of the time following Jesus? She was there at the end. . .

Since Jesus worked as a carpenter (presumably) for some years before beginning his public ministry and since they were surely frugal, perhaps “saving” up some money wasn’t far from the truth.

Of course, it could also be the case that Mary embraced a life of poverty and privation as her son did, and lived for those three years dependant on the charity of others.

Just some thoughts,

[quote=Madia]Perhaps you would be interested in reading “The Mystical City of God”:

Thank you, I’ll check that out!

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