Where will Christianity be in 100 years.


It is my ultimate hope that we will all join as one Church but I do not think that this is possible. At best I think that maybe some of the more traditional Churches such as Lutheran, Catholic, and the like will grow closer together as they start working together.

This will be partially due to people putting away some pride and general healing but I also think that it will be the byproduct of necessity to combat decreasing Church populations and increasing attendance in some of the Assembly of God type congregations.

I do see Protestantism further breaking apart and degrading but I think that as the crumbs fall the hart of that which is strong and True will slowly be exposed.


I know that one day everyone will be CAtholic, I just have no way of knowing if that is to occur within the next 100 years.


The historical trend has been toward greater and greater individualism. No one wants authority.

I was teaching adults at a Catholic college one evening and was told by, apparently, all of the Catholic students in my class that they didn’t go to confession. I protested “But you can’t receive the Eucharist without confession.”

“Well, we do.”

“So you just sort of take care of confession between you and God, without involving the priest?”

Everyone nodded.

I announced with a big smile “Do you realize that that is the very essence of the Protestant principle???”

They just shrugged. (Yeah, well, whatever…)

You faithful forum participants have an uphill battle, and I sure don’t see anything in Memphis that makes me optimistic about your success.

To employ a much overused number around here, there must be 30,000 different opinions as to how to do Catholicism, besides the version in the catechism. :slight_smile:


Given that human nature hasn’t changed, there have always been heresies and I fully expect them 100 years from now. Man has always demonstrated both evil and good, and I expect that next century too. The Church has always had internal and external challenges and renewals. Christendom and Islam have battled for 1400 years, and that war will continue next century.

The Faith is eternal and constant.


In the USA, the Catholic Church shall be underground by the year 2050, having been either taxed or sued (under hate crimes laws) out of visible existence. Masses will be said in people’s home just as it was around Pagan Rome’s time. (Come to my home, if I have one, and say the password to get in :slight_smile: )

Protestantism will either cave in to the liberal ways and follow the hate crimes laws to the letter (no more teaching homosexual acts are bad) or be taxed or sued out of visible existence as well. These will eventually come and convert to Catholicism as we both are fighting the same battle, and doctrinal issues will resolve themselves.

Eastern Orthdox and the other apostolic churches (including schismatic catholic groups) also will be taxed or sued out of visible existence. They will also come join us as well.

Eventually, this will happen in all nations except one: Vatican City. The UN will attempt to impose liberalism on the Vatican State, and it won’t do it. It will be ejected from the UN, and the Pope will clap his hands with cheer as he receives the ejection notice. Then he speaks louder about the Truth, speaking loud against sin, angering many in the world.

From this point there will be one of two ways: a revolution (where the faithful around the world rise up and fight a war) or the apocalypse.

Of course, this is just my personal opinion. It is not some revelation I had in a dream or a nightmare.


If we accept Pope Leo XIII’s vision, or even just from our own observation, the 20th century was a time of extreme trial for the Church. We are in the final days of that trial. I expect that over the next 25 to 50 years the Church will emerge from the trial greatly strengthened and ready to move on.

It also appears that Western Civilization is breaking up. It may not survive its trial but the world will go on. The Church should be recovered from its trials in time to lead the world into its new form.

Our task - to build Faith wherever we find it. Let us sow many reservoirs of Faith to power the reformed Church in its new growth. We live in challenging times when we can do much good; though we may not see the results in our lifetime.


I believe we are about to enter the time of the “Great Enlightenment” as was revealed to St. Faustina and ALL will see the Truth of the Church Jesus founded.:slight_smile:


probably not look much different than is does today… it’s a shame… :frowning:


[quote=Annunciata]I believe we are about to enter the time of the “Great Enlightenment” as was revealed to St. Faustina and ALL will see the Truth of the Church Jesus founded.:slight_smile:

I completely and utterly agree with you.


I try not to worry about such things.
(It’s not apathy, it’s Faith and the acceptance that God the Father has the whole plan already worked out and I just have to be that soul flowing along in His plan.

In struggles we should gain courage and faith in what Christ has planned for His Church now and in eternity!

go with God!


I’m hopeful that we can be united. We’ll have to take one step at a time. Agree on Canon, nature of communion, sacraments, leadership, and whatever else divides. Part of the impetus will be decline in Christianity in America and Europe, with large rises in third world countries. The third world will be pushing for unification, and possibly for leadership of larger denominations. From what I have been reading, Catholic and Protestant theologians agree on many things that have not yet filtered down to the pews. I wouldn’t waste my time trying to improve understanding between Catholics and Protestants if I didn’t think there was a chance for eventual agreement.


I chose other because the premise that the Church will start to grown is incorrect. Over all the Church has grown and will continue to grow. It is only in the west that the numbers are not growing.

I also believe that in the next 100 years there will be a greater reconciliation between the Orthodox and the Catholics. In fact I suspect that we may well see some unification. Call me optimistic…

As for reconciliation with our Protestant brothers, well, that will be much more difficult. I agree that it will be easier with those mainstream denominations than it will with the wildly splintered evangelical/fundamental/non-denomination/independent ones. However, given the liberal, moral relativist direction of these main stream denominations even this may be too difficult until the modernist, self-indulgent ideologies of the west go the way of the dinosaur.

And, we will still be at war with Mohammedanism. Frankly, that religion is the single greatest weapon that Satan is using for the destruction of humanity. Historically this has been the case, and currently this is the case. I see no reason to assume that it will change in the next 100 years… I hope I am wrong.

Your unworthy brother in Christ and by the Grace of God a future Maronite priest,


[size=2]I also think we will see the fall of Communism in China and Vietnam and the flowering of both Catholicism and Muhammedanism in China (already growing in western China and which they already have a problem with). Which, may make for an uneasy situation to say the least. I think that the strong Catholicism of Vietnam and Korea will aid in the growth in China and possibly in Japan.

As for India and the south pacific, well Mohammedanism is already growing very fast there. But I suspect that Hinduism will keep it in check in India and that Catholicism will grow from its dominance in East Timor and keep it in check in Indonesia and the rest there as well (especially the Philippines).



[quote=BobCatholic]In the USA, the Catholic Church shall be underground by the year 2050, having been either taxed or sued (under hate crimes laws) out of visible existence. Masses will be said in people’s home just as it was around Pagan Rome’s time. (Come to my home, if I have one, and say the password to get in :slight_smile: )

I agree with this opinion. I think the liberals and dissenters in the Catholic Church will masquarade as the Church, and they will be generally accepted as the Church because they will capitulate, but I think the REAL Catholic Church will be underground.

P.S. Where do you live? (just kidding)

Shibboleth: I’m from Faribault, MN.

Peace in Christ +


Pretty pessimistic replies. However, I can’t say as I disagree.

Listen, if the Catholic Church in the U.S. does slowly degenerate it’s everyone’s fault. It is the fault of our bishops for allowing people like pro-abortion Catholic politicians to re-define what it means to be Catholic. It’s the fault of our priests for watering down the liturgy and making it a mockery of how it is actually supposed to be done. It is the fault of our religious for emracing such garbage as the Enneagram and Labrynths as spiritual exercises. And, it is our fault, the laity, for not being more strict in our own adgerence of the faith and for not calling all of the aforementioned members of the Church to greater fidelity.

I am hopeful that things will turn around but, given human frailty and inclination to embrace the wide road of sin and death, I do not expect good or great things. In fact, I am praying that something happens to separate the wheat from the chaff so that the truth becomes more obvious. But, I can’t help but see that Satan is having his way with Christianity right now and the sad part is that no one even sees it.


Catholic Dad


I think that Catholicism (and Christianity in general) will continue to decline in the developed countries, but the Church will continue to grow in the poorer countries at the same exponential rate. 100 years from now, most of the priests in the United States will have been born in Africa, the South Pacific, or South and Central America. There will be a new evangelization into the developed world from these poorer areas, where the poor will know the True Gospel of Jesus. In a sense, Christianity will again come to a pagan “Rome.” (Just my two cents. No visions or personal revelations here either.)


I have heard Kreeft say that he sometimes wishes the Church will undergo an extreme persecution like that of ancient Rome so that the Church will finally wake up. The supposition of the underground Church may not be too off the mark, whether it be in 50-100 years I do not doubt it. It seems the trend is going more and mroe that way. I really started to think this way when i was asked whether I am an American or a Catholic. Personally, I never had much affinity of my citizenship plus the Faith is the most central part of me, not my allegiance to a temporal state. Anyways, There are my two cents :twocents:


IMO, I think it will collapse in 100 years, people are beginning to search for the truth. You don’t need religion to be a better person, religion just implants fear of a mythological god in people’s daily lives.


[quote=MilleniumManY2J]IMO, I think it will collapse in 100 years, people are beginning to search for the truth. You don’t need religion to be a better person, religion just implants fear of a mythological god in people’s daily lives.

Fear? That’s a new one. I checked the birthdate on your profile, though, so I can see why you said what you said (you’re a year younger than me.)

What atheistic teens usually think (as a former atheist, I can say this) is that atheism is a modern idea. That is, “I’m an atheist and I’m different from everybody else. I found the truth.”

Well, for one thing, almost everybody in my high school is an atheist. Big deal.

Second, is that even in the 1600’s, there were non-Christians in Europe. Descartes was a non-Christian, I believe (although he still argued for the existence of a non-specific God.) Edward Gibbon, a historian from the 1700’s, wrote a book called “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, which mocked and blamed Christianity for the fall of the Roman Empire. We’re talking before America even existed. And in the French Revolution, the peasants killed many priests, confiscated Church property, and re-dedicated Notre Dame Cathedral de Paris into a “temple of Reason.”

So, atheism and overall anti-Christianity is a pretty old idea. Don’t get too excited.


“Protestantism will continue to break apart, Catholic populations will continue to decrease, and Christians will be fall away to apathy and indifference.”

I had to choose this one,(as much as I’d rather have gone with the first).

The reason for this may be coloured by my former 37 years as a S. Baptist, but I do feel the world, overall, is ACTIVELY rejecting the truth, especially the Truth of the Church founded by CHRIST on Peter.(birth/population control, abortion, gay marriage,etc.) This rejection will also consume, I feel, those of our separated bretheren that have their portion of the Truth.

I don’t mean to be negative, but the end times have to come someday, and the way the world’s gov’ts are going, not to mention the attitudes of many in our own nation,(everything sacrificed upon the ‘Feel-Good’ altar of the Self) I can’t help but think that those times are closer than we think, and 50-100 years is certainly not out of the question.

(No, I’m not building a bunker, :wink: Christ promised us we would win out in the end.) :yup:

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