Where will you be for the Rosary on the Borders this Sunday?


I will be praying all 20 decades in a specially designated room in our City Hall! Looking forward to it.
There’s a map online of parishes and other places sponsoring the event.


I’m probably going to the rally in DC. I went last year. This year I see there will also be a Mass and procession, which is nice because last year I had to find my own First Saturday Mass.

Fr. Heilman posted that after the Rosary he wants us all to walk around with holy water and Fr. Z’s special blessed salt driving demons from the Mall in DC. I can dig it, DC is so messed up on any day of the week it can’t hurt. I might even take my family Mary statue (it’s small, light and plastic).


I live near the border, there’s going to be a group there I will join


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