Where would you emigrate?

Climate is not my only consideration, but it is very near the top. I may be of Norwegian extraction, but I don’t like wintery weather at all. The Med seems yummy, altho the closest I ever got to it were Damascus and Cairo in the summertime, and actually they weren’t bad at all. Neither was Damascus at Christmas time – quite tolerable.


What is Damascus like in Christmastime? I would imagine there’s not a lot of shopping, decorations on the street, or reveling by a Christian minority. Was the war on while you were there? Can one find churches?

I can tell you what it was like; I was there while the old man al-Assad was still ruling. It was actually quite Western – well decorated, especially in areas where there were likely to be a lot of Westerners. The Christian community (mainly Eastern Catholics) was quite vibrant. There are no pine trees, so traditional Western Christmas trees were non-existent, but the palm trees at the Sheraton were draped with lights.

As for what it is like now, after a decade or so of civil war and attempted genocide, unfortunately I do not know, but I suspect that the ancien regime was preferable.



As a Canadian, I’d like to live in the U.S. one day, even if only temporary. Despite all its current problems, I’m still fascinated and in awe of it.

Assisi, period. I could live out whatever time I have left there.

May I recommend the Arctic Ocean?

It’s paradise for a polar bear like me.

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How about Portugal?

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