Where would you go if your church would close?


In our diocese, there are three local slated for closure. Some of these people took part in a survey conducted by an area newspaper. Twelve per cent of those surveyed said they would leave the church, and join a protestent church. Seven per cent said they would not go to any church. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


I would stay in the Catholic Church but I would have a longer drive to get to my new Parish. I know it’s 22 miles to the parish that’s in the same town I work in (El Dorado Hills). I am not sure offhand how far it would be to the “sister” parish to the Placerville Parish that’s in Georgetown. I never travel that way, so have not had a chance to measure the distance.

Most people are travelling to attend the Placerville Parish and it seems to be very active; however if disaster did strike and St Patricks of Placerville closed down, I would adapt to stay with the one true faith.


I’m about the same distance from my regular church in Lexington and the “mother” church for this area in Columbia. If for some unforeseen reason my church were to close, I’d just go in the other direction and attend St. Pete’s in town (I grew up in that church, anyway).


I’d go wherever they sent my priest.

Scout :tiphat:


Wherever my parrish is assigned by the bishop. It’s called obedience.


I’d probably go to register at one of the Parishes closer to my house (since my recent move). The church I attend now is about 20 minutes from my current residence, however, there at at least 5 other parishes that are within the same driving distance :smiley:

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