Where would you take small children during the Christmas Holiday in New York City

Any ideas of where to take small children in New York City
during the month of December?
Educational, Christmas like type of activities, fun wholesome type
of places to take several children under the age of 8.
If you have been to New York during Christmas, where did you go,
what was the cost of the places? What would you recommend?

Would small children enjoy going to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art ?
Is there a cost to this Museum, if so, do children pay as well ?

What plays, theatre would you recommend for small Catholic conservative children
to go to ?

Thank you for your ides!:thumbsup:
Merry Christmas,

I haven’t been in years, but the Met Museum used to have spectacular Christmas tree; even as young girl, I loved it!

saint patrick’s cathedral.

skating in central park.

tree at rockerfeller center

the metropolitan opera’s hansel and gretel metoperafamily.org/metupload/hansel/index.html

we saw it last year in live HD. it was absolutely excellent and astonishing and wonderful. (the wicked witch was ultra creepy.) they do the english translation. my kids didn’t move a muscle. at intermission, my 5 yo said, “***oh no!! ***is it over.?”

(i would skip fao schwartz because, for us, it’s just too over the top materialism. lots of folks love that place, though.)

Radio City Christmas Show if you can afford it.
Check the Met website for entrance fees if there are any.


I see children under 12 are free.

Growing up oustide NYC, I go there every winter to see the tree, etc.

The Met is nice, I was just there last week. For Adults it is roughly $20, for kids there is a cost, but its cheaper.

In terms of doing things with kids:

  1. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is great.
  2. Ice skate in central park (shorter wait than Rockerfeller center rink).
  3. It goes without saying to see the tree.
  4. You can walk down 5th ave and look at the store fronts. Places like Saks 5th Ave have wonderful christmas displays/aminations showing stuff like Santa’s workshop, etc that always apeal to kids. Get some hot chocolate and walk down the street… its free and fun stuff to look at.
  5. Radio City Music Hall Christmas show is nice - I saw this a few years back. ’
  6. Go to FAO Schwartz toy store. They have cool Christmas stuff there and plenty of toys/rides in the store you can play with for free.
  7. Toy’s R Us in times squre is similar to FAO, lots of stuff to keep kids entertained. A ferris wheel is located within the store. (not sure if there is a cost for it).

Museum of Natural History (somewhat portrayed in the movie Night at the Museum - I highly recommend seeing the movie first and then enjoying the “characters” in real life! :thumbsup:)… we did that last year!

Rockefeller Plaza and the Christmas tree…

Central Park… and the Central Park Zoo (another movie hit - Madagascar - is somewhat portrayed there too - by the way - there is NO Alex the Lion :frowning: )

St. Patrick’s Cathedral…


Thank you to all for the wonderful replies!!:thumbsup:
It sounds like so much fun, I wish I were going as well!:wink:

By the way, regarding ice skating in Central Park & Rockefeller Center, is there a fee
for this? Do you have to bring your own skates?

And approx. how much does the Radio City Music Show cost?
I tried looking it up online & for some reason I could not find the price of tickets :shrug:
I appreciate your help!
Please keep those ideas coming!:thumbsup:

Megan 7,
If you go to the site www.nyc.com, they have everything you need to find fun in NYC! They have the prices for tickets too, though I did not actually look beyond the first price of $43. It (it depends on the day, time etc.)

We used the site to find a place to go for dinner in Little Italy last year. Dinner was delicious, btw!

Have a great trip if you go!

Go Early. Everything has a line including FAO Schwartz. We had big plans for our 5 year old grandson. After seeing a Christmas show at Lincoln Center, we bagged out idea of a nice lunch (another line) and FAO Schwartz and went to Mickey D’s (he loved it…that’s what counts), rode the subway and went home to watch videos.

Best bets: Radio City Music Hall, get tickets in advance, live animals, great show. Plan for EARLY morning show. From there, go to Rockerfeller Center to see the tree, and watch skaters (charge to get on ice and waiting line) go to observation deck (if opened) at top of 30 Rock, cross over to look at Sak’s window displays, cross street to visit St. Pat’s, see creche and have little ones light candles. Have lunch.

Take ferry tour boat around the island and see it all. Fun for kids.

Central Park has a great zoo, see statues of Peter Pan and statue of dog which saved a town by bringing influenza shots to Alaskan village in 20th century. Carriage rides available.

I used Priceline for great rooms ($100 a night) at hotel right up from Radio City Music Hall.

The Church of the Holy Innocents
128 West 37th Street, New York, NY 10018

I don’t know if this is close by or suitable for what you were asking.It is a beautiful church with a wonderful Shrine ministry with a Book of Life.
Lots going on you can visit the website for more info.

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