Where y'all been to?


born & raised in south Louisiana been to Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas That’s it. I do NOT travel well, I do NOT fly, I do NOT go on boats.

Hubby has been to Colorado and son marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade when he was in the college band.


I am mostly Scandinavian, American Indian, and Scottish. I’ve met people from Scotland, and I have books about Scotland, seems like a beautiful country. Sweden, too cold. I like Italy a lot, I think I want to go to Italy one of these days.


How you going to avoid us here in South Carolina? To be fair, I’ve never been to Louisiana. In fact, it is the only state on the Mississippi River I have never been to.


Just never got out that way.


That’s okay, because believe it or not, we have our own Cajuns here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Walked to the end of my driveway, then I walked back into the house. Also walked down, then back up the street with my dog. Went into my closet then I went downstairs. I also drove to work twice, which usually takes 5-7 minutes of commute time. I may walk around the block when the weather gets better and I feel more adventurous. I have to pace myself.


As a child, we always drove to all our destinations. So I’d say I’ve probably been to about 30 of the 50 states. I’ve never been to the New England area or the West/Northwest, but I’ve been to most of what’s in the middle. Crossed into Mexico once, and Canada a couple of times. Also Italy and Vatican City.


I’m like you, I went to a lot of places as a child. And that’s how we got there, was by driving. A lot of our traveling was done after my dad died. I really can’t blame my mother for wanting to be away. I do know, that my dad was alive when I went to Canada, so that I remember. I’ve not been to Italy or Vatican City, but I do know that you can walk to that Vatican City from Rome, which is kind of cool.


Alabama, Antigua, Barbados, California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Iraq, Japan, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Qatar, South Carolina, St Lucia, St Martin, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington. Plus Cypress, Germany, Ireland, Kuwait if you count being there for a few hours each while on a layover.


I’ve been to most of the 50 states. I think I’m missing Rhode Island, Delaware, Alaska and Oklahoma. I’m not sure I ever want to go to Oklahoma. I lived in Australia for a few years and have been to Mexico, Canada, France, Belgium, Netherlands and England.


I have some relatives in Oklahoma, distant relatives, I’ve never met them. I don’t think I would mind it. I’ve been to states that are adjacent to it, but I’ve never been to it either.


I do count layovers


I’m a birder, so now that I’ve disparaged OK I’m wondering what birds might be there that can’t be found anywhere else. I don’t think there are any, maybe a prairie chicken or something.

In that case add New Zealand and Samoa. :sunglasses:


Counting layovers :slight_smile: Moscow,Abudabi ,Bahrain …I can’t remember the others :slight_smile:


I want to mention Bahrain again, because when my sister lived there, She had a habit of calling us when it was 3 a.m. in Augusta Georgia, where I lived at the time, and not the former Soviet Republic, Because she kept forgetting the time difference. She said she really liked it there. She also said it was really hot.


The government of New Zealand, actually sent me a tourist map. I was looking up different parts of France, because I’m trying to learn French, and requesting booklets and stuff from them, and I got them, but, you could request them in English, but I would have rather had them in French. But, when I was doing that, I was thinking about what other countries I would want to go to, and I asked one of my nieces where she would go if she would go to any other country on Earth, and she said New Zealand, so I requested a map of New Zealand. I’m very happy with the fact they sent it.


I sometimes walk to the mailbox. Which, given that I live in a rural area, is not as easy as it sounds.


I want to go to tiny countries, for some reason.

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