Where's all the Catholic Radio down south?

Can’t find ANY Catholic radio talk shows…not Relevant Radio…nada…nothing. I have been listening to TBN on occasion driving in to work…sparingly…I like Charles Stanley…but, there seems to be a definite theme with some of these stations…taking pot shots that have no factual truths, at Catholics.:frowning:

What’s a Catholic woman to do for radio in Florida? (I like jazz radio…but I miss my RR):frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

You make a very good point. There is a weakly powered station down in New Orleans from what I understand but up here in Baton Rouge, believe it or not, Brother Jimmy still rules the airwaves along with black Gospel stations.

There is one about 70 miles north of me here in KY, but it is a low powered AM station. The only other option is the local non-Catholic station and it’s not always Catholic friendly.
I listen on the internet some, but we have dial-up so it ties the phone lines.

it seems in the South, Catholic radio is more scarce than Catholic parishes. :banghead:

I guess nothing will put brother Jim out of business. In the part of the South where I reside is the bible belt and the bible ain’t the Douay-Rheims.

I know:(
I was driving to Charleston the other day, then on the was back home, I remembered “Hey! They got EWTM programming around here!” I picked up a clear signal on AM from Charleston to Columbia, but heading back towards Charlotte to get to where I am (not in Charlotte), I had to rely on my personal music for entertainment.

Charlotte is supposed to be this huge important city now (or at least everyone living there thinks it is) but for some reason, no Catholic programing on the radio. No FM, not AM. You can’t throw a rock without hiting some Fundamentalist program, but if you want Catholic, too bad.

I sure do miss it. I’m in the car a lot and I was addicted to some of those afternoon programs.

I do know that you can pick it up on sirius satellite radio if you have it or if you can get it…

You want it? You gotta pay for it.

Find a group of people who will put up the money.

Then enjoy.

I resorted to buying Sirius Satellite Radio to get EWTN & the Catholic Channel.

A simple short-wave will do the trick, especially down south. For WEWN all Catholic radio. I get really good reception up here in Ohio, and have been listening for years. Like you guys, we are knee deep in anti-Catholic evangelical radio stations up here.

Sirius for a year and a half now! The best thing, you can take a looooonnngggg road trip over hundreds of miles and keep listening to Catholic Radio all the way. :thumbsup:

You didn’t say what part of Florida. Its a long drive from the north end to the south end. But here is a few:

WBVM FM 90.5 Tampa Bay 100 KW (To progressive for me)

WLMS FM 88.3 Lacanto 3.8 KW

WACC AM 830 Miami 1KW
WQOP AM 1600 Jacksonville 5KW

Check your diocese web site.

yes–I have EWTN which is such a blessing. I really miss Relevant Radio though…they were perfect talk radio, in my opinion. I didn’t always enjoy Dr RAY–I know I’m an oddball in that regard, but too many wisecracks…he’s a wonderfully Christian and kind man…but tries too hard to be funny. lol But…I miss Morning Air.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I listen to an Irish Protestant speaker…he is very good…very general…doesn’t get into Catholic bashing at all. I listened to him today–and his moral is to be useful for God. To use our lives to please God…so go forth today and make your life useful for the Lord. I liked how I could remember that line all day long without forgetting his main message. His messages are usually this way.

Charles Stanley is good…but takes subtle jabs at Catholicism. I miss Catholic radio because it really brings the fullness of Christianity front and center…

Do you ever listen to Dr. Laura?

I’m north of Tampa…and work in Clearwater…but I could get the Tampa station…I can’t recall the name of the station come to think of it, but there are a few on a.m. actually.

Are you working for the Phillies? That is/was their Spring Training home:D

hi childofmary…how are you?

I used to listen to Dr Laura…but I find her to be self righteous…pretentious at times. :shrug:

doing pretty good.

Here in SC, the state that started the civil war, we have two Catholic radio stations.

do u have relevant radio, mark?

Naah, she actually works in Dunedin for the Blue Jays. :smiley:

I’m also pretty sure WG’s presence in Clearwater lowers the average age by about half. :wink:

(I used to sing for the Clearwater Community Chorus, and was by far the youngest male.)

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