Where's the Thread?


Can anyone tell me where the Daily Prayer and Liturgy thread for January '09 is? I’ve become dependent on the thread for my LoH readings and since I don’t have the new Guide booklet yet, I’m lost. I can figure it out or go to another site I suppose but I love using Barb’s since everything I need for my daily prayers and reading are right there. I am a lay hermit and so I spend a great deal of time at prayer.

To Barb specifically: Thank you so much for the colossal work you have put into that thread! It is such a lovely gift to us all and I can’t imagine how many hours you spent putting it all together for us to share. May God’s blessings be upon you!

Karen M


[thread=297676]Farewell, BarbaraTherese[/thread]

You might find some information here, [thread=298599]Daily Prayer and Liturgy Blog and other Blogs on the way[/thread]

If you have the Catholic Book Publishing company edition of *Christian Prayer *or the *Liturgy of the Hours *you can find page guides at the locations linked.

(Hmm, the guide to *Christian Prayer *seems to be broken, but it is usually there)



Hi Karen. I miss those threads (and Barb), too.:bighanky:


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