Whether it would be sin to eat food brought, violating covid safety protocols

Suppose a family member brings home food ingredients/products like vegetables, rice etc. Suppose that he violates covid safety protocols (like not wearing masks or going outside to buy food ingredients daily despite being a senior citizen) while bringing the food ingredients. In this case, would it be a sin for me to have the food prepared using the food ingredients the family.member brought violating safety protocols?

Must not be much of a “protocol” if some shop is still selling him the food.

Do you suffer from scrupulosity?


This sounds scrupulous

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They made the judgement call, and the vendors did too when they decided the sales were more important than forcing someone to wear a mask.

If the vendors sold items regardless of present masking policy, seems to me no big deal and a fair sale.

It’s important to note that you can’t control what someone else does. If you know your dedicated shopper speeds on the way to the grocery store…? You can only ask that they not endanger themselves. You can never force someone to not endanger themselves, even if there’s remote or even tangible potential to harm others. You can mention and discuss, but you aren’t likely to change their minds…

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Not sure where you’re from but all the stores in FL wont let you even walk in the door without a mask on… so like others have said everyone is in violation.

If you can go get you’re own food, if not just clean everything and make sure it’s cooked well.

COVID safety protocols have never said we can’t buy food.

A thousand times, NO.

St. Alphonsus is quite clear about this kind of thing… For a mere civil law to bind the conscience is a high bar.

And for you to eat food bought “illegally” is, well, not even within the ballpark. Chilllll.


This is scrupulous. You are not responsible for the choices of others like this. It’s a false sense of control over something yucky that you actually can do nothing about. Look up Nathan Peterson on YouTube. He has great videos on dealing with scrupulosity (moral OCD) and anxiety!

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