Whether to pray for a miracle or not?

My intention with this question
Hi, with this question I intend to better understand the means and ends of prayer. (For some background about the kind of things I have in mind, you may refer to Bishop Barron’s
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h35fXJ3LzTs )

To elaborate on the question
Imagine a person who is suffering from a terminal illness who is also at peace with the possibility of imminent death, thanks to his faith.

However, the person feels compelled to make a choice between - embarking on a prayer journey seeking a miraculous healing; versus spending his last days in a state of thanks giving prayer.

The question is does this choice really have a bearing on this person’s future here on Earth ?

My own thoughts about the answer
A good case in point is the fact that miraculous healings tend to happen far more often in certain places (e.g. at Lourdes, or with certain people with the gift of healing) as opposed to others. So, the people who got healed at these places, did make a choice to come there. So, I wonder that they would have missed that chance if they had decided not to go there.

P.S. I understand that a lot of people who pray for healing may not really get healed in the way they have asked for. However, a discussion on that is not necessarily what I intend here.

Faith made them whole.

Matthew 9 : 22, Mark 5 : 34 Women with chronic bleeding.
Luke 17 : 19 Ten lepers.
Luke 18: 42 Blind beggar.
Matthew 8 : 13 and 15 : 28
Luke 7 : 50 Woman washing his feet.
Also see Mark 10 : 52, Luke 17 : 19

Matthew 13 : 58 Lack of faith, no healing.

Whether the person is praying for a healing or for death, he should be praying, “Thy will be done, Lord” and if the Lord wants him to live, he’ll live. If the Lord wants him to die, he’ll die.

Pray that God’s will be done and that you have the grace to accept it.

It may be God’s will that someone goes to Lourdes before they die or that they go and are miraculously healed. The point is to listen for the promptings of the Holy Spirit and heed them. It takes a lot of grace and faith to do that but it is always in our best interests.

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Christ taught us to pray “Thy will be done” with our requests.

God also has a way of inspiring people to make an appropriate prayer. The miracle that got Blessed Solanus Casey beatified happened to a person who was not praying for a cure for herself. She went to his tomb to pray for a long list of requests for others. She herself suffered from a chronic serious skin condition, though it wasn’t terminal. While she was praying for the other people, she heard a voice say, “What do you need for yourself? Why don’t you ask for yourself?” So she prayed for a cure and was cured that day.

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