Which Bible translations does the Pope use?

I’m just curious, which translations does Pope Benedict the 16th like to use for personal study. Thought this would be cool to know. :slight_smile:

I would guess that when the Pope does personal study, he’d read it in Latin.

A super secret, confidential translation that no one but the papacy gets to read…it holds all the secrets they are holding back from us. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not familiar with the various German translations (no German!), but since that is the Pope’s first language, I would assume that he uses one of them for private/devotional reading.

Probably the Nova Vulgata (Latin)

He uses several translations not limited to RSV-CE, Clementine Vulgate, Nova Vulgata among others

COOL :smiley:

ROFL :stuck_out_tongue: :rotfl:

That is my expectation, since he is a biblical scholar. I agree with Zooey, that he may read a German translation for personal/devotional reading and prayer. I don’t know though…he may be a Latin-only sort of person.

Why would he use an English translation?

Oh yes…apparently, the Papal translation has all of the secret stuff that the Catholic Church keeps hiding, like Mark chapter 17 which details Jesus handing out leather-bound, gold-edged, red-lettered copies of the Bible (whether it was KJV or NIV or NASB I don’t know :rolleyes:) to His disciples and an extra, ultra-secret passage in John 6 where Jesus actually clarifies that He was speaking figuratively, how He is actually planning to hold a symbolical supper for His disciples and is saying how the ‘wine’ which they were drinking has actually no alcohol! :eek: :rolleyes:

The one with the answers in the back.

Maybe the Gutenberg bible or the Ausburger bible?

I would guess that he uses a Latin one though.

Exactly…at the Last Supper they were eating grape juice and cubes of Wonder bread and having Jesus sign their copies of the Bibles He just gave them. :thumbsup:

I wonder how much those signed copies are worth today. :hmmm: I’m going to check EBay…you can find anything there. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

He is multilingual so I am assuming that he does want to relate with the millions of English speaking people. He does however encourage the use of Latin too so one could conclude that he does like the Latin Vulgate

The only Catholic versions I’ve ever used are the RVS-CE & The NAB. (Hard to find Catholic Bibles where I live)

Would be cool to think that the Pope uses the RSV-CE . :smiley:
I agree I think that he uses multiple translations & from different languages. :thumbsup:

Much more than that.


Along with his native German, Benedict speaks fluent Italian, French, English, Spanish and Latin.** He can read ancient Greek and biblical Hebrew**.

As a biblical scholar, there is no doubt he uses Greek and Hebrew versions of the Bible, as well. Any good biblical scholar would.

Hey, you’re forgetting that part where Jesus did an altar call and ordered His disciples to make little comic book tracts (while speaking in thee’s, thou’s and -eth’s of course)! :wink:

I wonder how much those signed copies are worth today. :hmmm: I’m going to check EBay…you can find anything there. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

That actually reminds me of that time when someone attempted to sell some rusty old nails as the nails used in Jesus’ crucifixion for ten thousand Euros (wouldn’t that count as simony? :p)

As for which translations the Pope uses, a part of me would like to think that he reads the Bible in the original languages/Vulgate (he can read Hebrew, Greek and Latin, after all), but of course he may also use a German one (perhaps the Einheitsübersetzung, the “Unified Translation,” though there are other translations out there so we couldn’t technically be sure)?

// cool…pretty much there is no need for him to use a german version since he can read the ancient versions…

// awesome…he plays piano and likes beethoven…:thumbsup:

// oh yeah…how in the world do some of you know what version of the bible he reads???

There is obviously ONLY ONE answer! Since he is such a great scholar, he uses his own version (Ratzinger Translation)!!!:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

No one has made a claim to know what version he reads…it is all speculation.

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