Which Bible?


I am now in the process of choosing an English Bible translation for both reading and serious study. I know many Catholics have opted for the RSV-CE as their choice but coming from an Evangelical background that version was not used because of its liberal bias and having read it myself I find that version less than desirable for that reason and the NRSV is even worse. So actually I have two questions, 1. Is the NAB Catholic translation both accurate and does it have a liberal “higher critical” bias? And 2. As far as being a Catholic would it be ok to use either the New King Jame Version or the recent ESV (English Standard Version) which has gotten excellent ratings for both accuracy and readability as my main everyday Bible? I realise both the NKJV and the ESV lack the Deutero-Canonical books but would it be ok to use either of these as my main Bible?


While you are free to use which ever version you like for personal Bible study, I recommend that you first read the article written by Jimmy Akin called Choosing a Bible Translation. You will then be better prepared to make a decision.

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