which bible?


Just wondering what is the big difference between the different bibles?
And which is recommended reading for Catholics, and why?

thanks so much!



you could try this forum for more answer:


Catholic Bibles have more books in the Old Testament then Non-Catholic (protestant) Bibles. (Although I’m sure you knew that! :))

Personally I have the NAB (New American Bible) Study Bible.
The NAB is the translation that is used in the Church’s lectionary. (USA)

I also have a Devotional Bible that uses the NRSV (New Revised Standard Version) text.

Then we do have a KJB in the house. (It was from my hubby before he became Catholic.)

I’ve read bits and pieces of the Douray-Rheims via internet.
See here: drbo.org/

I don’t know if these helps or not…

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