Which book by Christopher West?

Hi all, I’m a new Catholic and I have heard good things about Christopher Wests books. I want to read JPII’s Theology of the Body (most specifically because dh and I are newly involved in NFP) and heard West is a good interpreter. I am wondering from those who have read them, which book should I start with?

I am looking at either Theology Of The Body For Beginners, or Heavens Song: Sexual Love As It Was Meant To Be. The Heavens Song book was just published about 6 months ago.

Thanks for your help in deciding!

I would say get both. And don’t forget about ‘Good News about Sex and Marriage.’ I haven’t read Heaven’s Song simply because I am reading Theology of the Body Explained. As a proponent of Theology of the Body, I must say that it is an eye opener and it is the answer to all of life’s questions, the ‘why’ of things. It’s not just about sex. It’s everything.

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