Which BookTV programs are you enjoying now?

What inspired to start this thread was an interview on BookTV with Max Hastings.

He just came out with his book, “Inferno: The World at War 1939 - 1945”

[In the UK, the book has a different title.]

Anyway, he describes the war from the perspective of the civilians … there were many more civilian casualties than military casualties.

And he uses primary sources … personal memoirs and diaries … many not previously published. Writings found in attics.

This is Hastings’ 23rd book!

An amazing writer.

And a fabulous interview / discussion.

The interview was conducted by Toby Harnden.


Depending on how good your computer is, you could click the above link and then click the popup and watch it on your computer.

Strongly recommend that if at all possible, rent a DVR from your cable provider. It’s like $5 per month. Then you can set it up ahead of time.

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