Which ¨Catholic books¨ would you recommend for my Kindle?

It’s been about 2 weeks since I have gotten my Kindle DX and I am very happy with it. Now that I have it I want to fill it up with great Catholic books. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated as I love to read!

Thanks and God bless

Anything by G. K. Chesterton and you can download a lot of his books for free.

Definitely Chesterton, also St. Augustine’s Confessions or anything really. I also love Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. Have fun!

Glenn Beck books are wonderful. Especially “seven wonders”

Glenn Beck is Catholic?

Introduction to the Devout Life
Imitation of Christ
Anything by St Teresa of Avila
The Life of Saint Dominic by Augusta Drane
The Perfect Joy of St Francis
Such is the Power of Love
Divine Mercy in My Soul - Saint Maria Faustina

Apparently he was raised Catholic and later joined the LDS church, of which I believe he is still a member.

Aquinas by Ed Feser.
The Last Superstition by Ed Feser.

Two good books.

It depends somewhat on what once considers a “Catholic book”. Some books are specifically religious. Some are religious in intent and message, but are (for example) fictional novels or stories.

In the latter category:
“Land’s End” by Kevin Starr. Written in the 70s but is still relevant and very interesting. A Catholic young man and a Catholic young woman discover each other and their religion amid the corruption of contemporary life in San Francisco, all while reviewing the history of San Francisco and a bit on the Papal States. It’s two novels, really, one being flashbacks into the 19th Century as the male character researches and writes a history.

“The Red Horse” by Eugenio Conti. Italian soldiers in WWII who were sent to fight in Russia and had to escape the best they could. Along with it is the story of middle class Italian families of the era, and their faith life.

Anything at all by Flannery O’Connor. Very, very Catholic, though not directly so.

“A Canticle for Leibowitz”. Written, I think in the 60s. A post-atomic war novel. Very, very Catholic from beginning to end.

“With God in Russia”. The true account of a Polish priest who finds himself trapped in Russia after the Russian Revolution.

Really enjoying this list.

I have A Canticle for Leibowitz and some Flannery O’Connor. GREAT stuff!!

I’d suggest anything by Servant of God Fulton J. Sheen. Also, you can now get The Word Among Us, the misalette, as a magazine subscription (I’m hoping that Magnificat will someday follow). Also if you’re a guy, you have to read Fr. Larry Richards’ “Be A Man!”.

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions for my Kindle. I have been loading up on Kindle books and some of the recommendations here in this thread will make for good reading. :slight_smile:

God bless

“Pope Bob.” Don’t let the description scare you.

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