Which Catholic Church do you belong to?

The system doesn’t allow more than 10 choices, so I tried to group churches in a sensible way.

  • “Other Greek Catholics” includes eleven churches:
    Romanian Catholic Church
    Hungarian Greek Catholic Church
    Slovak Byzantine Catholic Church
    Italo-Albanian Byzantine Catholic Church
    Byzantine Church of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro
    Macedonian Greek Catholic Church
    Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church
    Albanian Byzantine Catholic Church
    Greek Byzantine Catholic Church
    Russian Catholic Church
    Belarusian Catholic Church



Latin Church, Roman Rite.

What about the Anglican Ordinariates? I am Latin Rite but the Anglican Rite is pretty new.

The Anglican Ordinariates would be part of the Latin Church.

Got it! There are a lot of Anglicans especially in England who consider themselves Catholic but are not part of an Ordinariate and it is REALLY confusing until you realize that some are authentically Catholic who are in the Odinariates and some who are not actually in communion with Rome but they will say and tell you they are catholic you just have to ask which Ordinariate they are in to clarify if they are part of the Anglican Ordinariate.

The one founded by Jesus.

I am simply Catholic although I accept that the protestant prefix of Roman remains in use today. Couldn’t see the right option on vote, so haven’t voted.

I’m of the Roman Church, I love our Church’s legitimate diversity! :thumbsup:

The Roman part is important, it comes from the prophet Daniel about the fourth Kingdom which is Rome. Rome is where God moves His people, they had to leave Israel because it would be easy to fall back into Jewish practices and after a period of persecution by the Fourth Kingdom, it is given to the Holy ones of the Most High and this is true, Rome fell, but the Church still stands in Rome.
“As I looked, this horn made war with the holy ones and was prevailing over them, until the Ancient One[h] came; then judgment was given for the holy ones of the Most High, and the time arrived when the holy ones gained possession of the kingdom.”

There’s nothing Protestant about the prefix “Roman”. Before the Protestants even existed, Charlemagne imposed the “Roman use” on his empire to consolidate his relationship with the Pope. “Roman” is not a church, unless you actually are in the diocese of Rome, Italy.

Most Latin Catholics are Roman rite, which means they celebrate Holy Mass according to the use of the Pope in Rome from the time of St. Gregory the Great onwards. Other Catholics in the Latin Church might be part of the Anglican Ordinariate, or celebrate according to a religious order’s rite, like the Dominican.

You can say that it’s an unnecessary prefix, but it is a very convenient and widely understood way to talk about the different rites of the Holy Mass/Divine Liturgy.

Russian Catholic Church? What is that? Same goes for the other national catholic churches. If there is a Romanian Catholic Church is it similar to American Catholic Church?

The option Latin Catholic means Roman Catholic. If you are a member of the Roman Catholic Church, then you are a Latin Catholic.

Latin, but I love the Eastern Catholics :slight_smile:

I see that now we even have a vote for “Other Greek Catholics”.

Would that be you, 5Loaves?


Technically, I’m in the gray zone. My request for transfer has been made before my pastor and witnesses, and so by canon law is effective, and as far as I know, the written request has gone forward, and now I’m waiting on the paperwork to finalize it. I am transferring from the Roman to the Ruthenian, and listed Ruthenian in the poll.

[quote=CCEO]Canon 36

The transfer to another Church sui iuris takes effect at the moment a declaration is made before the local hierarch or the proper pastor of the same Church or a priest delegated by either of them and two witnesses, unless the rescript of the Apostolic See provides otherwise.

Now…:hmmm:…to answer the original question of this thread…I am a Roman Catholic who is very interested in all things Eastern. I especially have an interest in the Maronite Church.

Please go read your own catechism :).

Anyway, I am a Maronite, as I cast my vote. Born a Maronite, God willing, I shall die a Maronite.

Christ is born!

Actually, I hadn’t been on line here and hadn’t voted yet so it was some other “Other Greek Catholic”, but now I’ve voted so there are two of us “Other” now. :thumbsup:

I suspect if an Eastern Catholic or Orthodox made similar comments about the Latin Church in any section of the Forum as were posted earlier in this thread about our Churches they would have likely been reported and possibly suspended. I am proud to be a part of this section of the Forum whose members, Catholic, Orthodox, other, have a great deal more patience with ignorance and with disagreement than do many members in other sections of the Forum.

Latin. I couldn’t vote.

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