Which celebrity would you most like to see convert to Catholicism & why?

We’ve had some high profile people/celebrities convert (or revert) to the Catholic faith. Some famous converts that come to mind are John Henry Newman (famous 19th century Anglican theologian) and more recently Anne Rice (American novelist) and Francis Beckwith (Evangelic minister).

Which high profile person/celebrity would you most like to see convert to Catholicism and why?

Richard Dawkins, just for the fun of seeing him finally display some logical thinking.

Bill Maher, his hostility towards the Church and God is so sad.

Tom Cruise! For one, so that Katie can return to the faith she was raised in and probably holds near and dear (albeit secretly), and two: so that he can put all that crazy Scientology energy into evangelizing the Catholic faith! I know he grew up Catholic and renounced it… it would be oh so satisfying for him to announce to all the world that he was wrong, and that the Catholic faith is true. If he did that, I might suffer through one or two of his movies!

And then, Johnny Depp! Just because I adore him and want him to have all the graces God has to offer! In the movie Donnie Brasco, he played an Italian undercover cop, who had small children. His “daughter” was receiving her first communion, and he was quizzing her on the Baltimore Catechism ( i.e. “Why did God make you?”) It was touching to see, and I was able to pretend for just a second that Johnny was Catholic! :rolleyes:

Rosie O’Donnell - she really needs the Church.

Tom Cruise for one, Brittney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Paris as well!

CNN’s Jack Cafferty - he just seems like such a very unhappy man.

Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and Mayor Rudy Giuliani

I agree. I think I heard him say he was raised a Catholic–I think his mother was Jewish and his father was Catholic.

Oprah, because all of her loyal followers would follow her some more and join the church with her :cool: Well, it depends… :shrug:

Cecile Richards because she heads planned parenthood, and it would be a great thing for her to quit her job and set a good pro-life conversion example.

I almost also said Oprah, I always think of her and feel sad. For all her money, she really is quite alone.

Wouldn’t that be great! It’s probably the toughest conversion of all–from cafeteria Catholicism to orthodox Catholicism.

All the time we hear of prostitutes, drug addicts, atheists, and anti-Catholic fundamentalists turning their lives around and becoming faithful Catholics. Yet I can’t think of one famous cafeteria Catholic who turned his life around to become a faithful Catholic.

I don’t know why it couldn’t happen, but it doesn’t seem to.

:slight_smile: Alan Alda because he was lots of laughs and he was a Catholic
till his adult hood .

I don’t know if they count as a celebrities, but Osama Bin Laden, the president of Iran (I can’t spell his name), and Fidel Castro.

I worry about the condition of their souls, and their conversion would do so much to discredit their current beliefs and help to begin to repair the damage they have done.

Two celebrities that I always pray will come into the CC are Howard Stern and Madonna.

Howard Stern because underneath it all, I think he is a very moral person. He has a strong opinion about nearly everything, and he will argue skillfully in defense of his opinions. His problem now is that his opinions aren’t usually grounded on anything solid (for example Truth or the natural law). If he converted to Catholicism, his persuasive communication skills could be put to good use. Also, he is a very unhappy man. I used to listen to his show and he frequently mentions that he visits a psychiatrist several times a week. I think Catholicism will give his life the joy and purpose he seems to be looking for.

Madonna because it’s obvious from her songs and videos and her dabbling with Kabbalah that she is looking for God. She just hasn’t thought to look for Him in the most obvious place–the Catholic religion she grew up with. Sometimes we ignore the most familiar things.

You never know–Johnny probably was affected by the movie, Donnie Brasco.

Consider that one of the reasons Alec Guinness became a Catholic was because he played a priest (Fr Brown) in a movie. He was touched by the way people responded to him when he wore a cassock.

Also Jon Voight was influenced by playing JP II. I saw his interview with Raymond Arroyo on “The World Over.” He still wears the copy of the Pope’s ring (from the movie) to remind him to strive for excellence.

Let’s pray for Johnny.

I’d like to see Christopher Hitchens convert. That man is so eloquent! Unfortunately, he has a negative knee jerk reaction to the mention of God and hates religion with a virulent hate that is at odds with his normally logical self.

Ditto for Johnny Depp because he is such a good actor (and he’s a Kentuckian). I’d love to see Oprah convert simply because she is so influential - but my cynical self thinks she’d not stick with it.
That woman flits from new age fad to new age fad like a butterfly.
Always seeking, never finding. It would be nice if she would find the truth.

One of my favorite actors came back to the faith for the same reason - Carey Elwes (who played JPII in the same movie as a younger man). :thumbsup:

I would like for the Catholics who don’t practice their faith publically to change their lives and actually publically practice (and vote) their faith.

Dr. James Dobson and Chuck Colson.

These two Protestants are the leaders of many evangelicals; in fact, some Protestants joke that these two are “popes” among evangelicals!

So if they converted–ooh boy! I think we’d see an upheaval among evangelical Protestant Christians.

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