Which chaplets should I say daily?

I usually do the rosary, divine mercy, and St Michael. Which ones are the ones I should say each day? Should I prioritise one over the other like the Sacred Heart of Jesus or Holy Spirit chaplet before St Michael? I want to say them all, but with the school year coming up I don’t think I can. If possible please tell me the ones I should say daily and the ones I should say in my spare time. Thanks :slight_smile:

rosary and st michael is a good start

Whichever ones speak the most to you and improve your devotional life.

There is no requirement to pray chaplets, so you are free to say whichever one you feel like praying.

Hi dallas_r,

I agree with Irishmom. :slight_smile:

You can pray whichever ones that you like to pray.

You can personally choose any one of them that you want to do.

My favorite is the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. That one really speaks to my heart. :heart:

try to go to daily Mass is you have that much time.:thumbsup:

Alternate them perhaps?

Lord Jesus Christ Have Mercy on me a Sinner.

This will be more than enough.

Recommend the daily Rosary. You can also pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, it’s short and won’t take much time, if you’re busy. Also the Saint Michael chaplet. Personally, I pray the Rosary daily, the Divine Mercy chaplet whenever I can, as well as the St. Michael one.

The Rosary has the most graces and is universally agreed by all the saints to be (after the mass of course) the most powerful prayer. If you have time for more than just the rosary, you can alternate through the other chaplets.

Whatever you like

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