Which charity would you feel comfortable supporting financially?

So, I wanted to see what you guys thought on this situation. Which of these charities would you (as a Catholic or Non-Catholic) supporting.

So, here’s the options in order. Catholic and Non-Catholic versions of each.
Level 1. I’d only support a cause of my branch (Catholic, Orthodox, Non-Catholic, Luthern, etc.)
Level 2. I’d support a non-Catholic Christian Aid-type ministry (post-storm relief, flood rebuilding, food, etc)
Level 3. I’d support a non-Catholic Christian missionary program to unreached areas.
Level 4.I’d support a non-Catholic Christian missionary program to anywhere.

I assume this would be a continuum, in that if your ok supporting a mission trip you’d also be okay supporting a service charity.

Please vote, comment, and debate.

You left out :if you are a Catholic ( or non-Catholic) I would support a Catholic and a non-Catholic charity. I do Legionaires of Christ. I do Food for Children and another Food for the Poor. I do Kid’s Wish. I do Christian Appalachian Charity. I do Bishop’s Annual Appeal. I did our building fund and one donation to our diocese building fund. I do public television for Barney and Sesame St. ( I know they can do things I don’t like but I need them for my grandkids) There is the Republicans. Then, Christian friends of the Jews. I only give $10.00 or 25.00 and I don’t give every month. Oh. Concerned Women for America. It’s our lobbying group in Washington. Sends info on new bills and how to vote w a Christian outlook. I need to get Shriners and St. Judes in there and wounded warriors since I have one in my family and live amongst them. There are so many needs. I had lost my long term disability 6 months ago, so donations were down. But, God has blessed my appeal and it is reinstated.Thank you Jesus. 10% to help pay for the building.
So, you need that other category.
In Christs’ Love,

Wounded Warrior Project, or the DAV

If I had enough money to spread it around, I would support a Catholic charity just as I would a non-Catholic one.

The more important issues for me in choosing a charity are related not to the charity’s metaphysics, but to how the money is being used. Are they paying foreigners to go in and show the natives how it is done, or are they supplying local expertise with foreign financial support? Are they doubling up with charities of other Christian groups, serving the same group of people while the next village goes unassisted? Do they treat Catholic and non-Catholic locals equally? (If you have a strong enough stomach, you could look up “Ireland soupers” there for a Protestant example of failing that one in pretty much the most horrific way possible.) Do they support individuals rather than communities? Et cetera.


I assumed that if (for example) a Non-Catholic was willing to support a Catholic Aid charity, he would be equally willing to support a Non-Catholic charity.

This poll got started by a post in another thread I saw a while back about a Catholic being asked to support a Protestant missionary trip. Based on some of the responses I saw in the thread, I thought it would be interesting to do a poll on it.

I assumed most people would go with the second option. I mean, after a hurricane or typhoon, it doesn’t matter if the people with boots on the ground building houses are Catholic or not, people need shelter. And, assuming they are building houses for everyone equally, and since it is an “aid” charity, not an outreach one, I didn’t expect to see much controversy there. I am a bit more interested in people that vote for the later options, dealing with outreach. I would be very interested to hear from a Catholic who would give money to a Non-Catholic mission trip to some never before contacted village, or from a Non-Catholic who would support a Catholic mission trip to, say, Chicago. The first because it deals with soul winning and the second because it could involve a Non-Catholic converting to Catholicism (Kinda weird thought there, a mission funded by (say) a Methodist, results in a Methodist becoming Catholic…). I think these views would be very insightful and I hope people that legitimately feel that way would please share your views. I think it could be a very interesting discussion.

All very good points, but to make the debate as simple as possible, lets assume that in terms of structure and operational efficiency, the Catholic and Non-Catholic charities are identical.

And as for the soupers, that is sad situation that has plagued (especially) European history for a long time. Old (and sometimes not so old) hatred, whether it be cultural, religious, or ethnic, are hard traits to remove and take forever to fade away.

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