Which Christmas mass will you attend?


I wanted to start a poll about the personal choices that we will make for this Christmas Mass. I will probably attend the vigil one at 6:00pm because my wife will be a cantor. However, I want to attend on the 25th too because the Gospel reading is taken from John 1:1-18 and that always takes my breath away. I get really emotional every time I read it or hear it. I apologize in advance if I will not be able to post the poll and it will look like a regular thread.


We’ve tried attending the vigil or midnight Masses, but the church is like a zoo! Now, I’m all for people coming to Christmas Masses, but you can certainly tell those who rarely attend Mass because they talk throughout Mass, have little to no idea what they’re doing, and only seem to be there because of some sort of tradition. I welcome them all the same, but I prefer to attend at 12:15 PM on Christmas Day when the church is less crowded and the atmosphere is less like a circus so I’m not distracted by all the noise and hubbub.


I love the midnight Mass at our parish… it’s so beautiful! I get excited about it every year!


Our parish has two missions, so we are all combining for a big Christmass Eve mass. My husband is taping it for the priest. So we’ll be there, but I would also like to go to the morning mass on Christmass day.


I love midnight Mass!!! I’ve been going for the past four or five years…it’s the perfect way to begin Christmas :D.


The earlier the better - for both Sunday AND Monday :slight_smile:


I’ll be at Midnight Mass and then again on Christmas morning. I sing in the choir so I have double responsibilities. (I suppose I should find out at which Christmas Day Mass I’m supposed to sing.)

But it’s a lot less than many families I know. Involved families (altar servers, readers, sacristans, EMHCs, choir members, musicians, assorted spouses and parents…) often have at least one family member at every Mass.


I think we are working out like this…
The kids are shepherds in the Nativity play (unless the older one gets to be Mary, she is praying hard). That takes place before the 4:30 Holy Mass Chirstmas Eve. I voluntered to Herd the shepherds so we will be there. (without a seat, I might add -SRO)
My hubby is considering joining the new men’s chant choir to celebrate his first year as a Catholic. That will be Midnight Mass.
THEN our girls sing in the choir on Christmas Day at 9:30.

We are very blessed to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Our Lord for His birthday. (better than the in-laws!)


Either Evening or Day Mass


The 11am on Christmas as I will be reading. And it will be a zoo as somebody else noted. I wonder if somebody will try to take my seat while I’m reading.


Midnight Mass and Christmas Morning.

Midnight just because it is awesome, and Christmas Morning because it is a Latin High Mass that I am serving at.


I will be attending the midnight Mass by myself, to participate in the all-male choir, and then again on Christmas day with my wife and children. This will be our first family Christmas as Catholics, and we’re all very excited!


all 4 evening Masses as the CCD children of different classes are in the procession and present during Mass as Mary, Joseph etc., the youth choir will be at Midnight Mass. I will probably go at 9 am on Christmas day with DH and MIL as well. Will go Saturday eve. for Sun. since Jr High has posada that afternoon. I will see if Fr will give be a dispensation for the next for Sundays since I am doing all my Masses at once for the month, but my guess is, the answer will be no. just kidding.


Outstanding!! I pray that you find much Grace and that your souls are lifted up.


Which Mass are you doing Christmas day?


We’ll be attending our 7 pm Midnight Mass on Dec 24th. :frowning:


Not sure… what times are offered?


Our Midnight Mass is at 10pm! The choir gives a little concert before Mass (all sacred music, not Jingle Bells or anything like that), so I’ll be there singing. I used to sing at the 9am Mass on Christmas morning too, but the teen choir does that now. I’ll probably go to an early Mass then because I have the family coming from presents and brunch that day.


Does the Christmas Eve mass count toward both sunday mass and Christmas day mass? I ask because it’s very difficult for me to attend 2 days in a row because I have no one to stay with my husband who is very ill.


Well if the circumstances are correct, you don’t have an obligation to attend.

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